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5 Inspirations to generate high-value Startup Ideas without selling your house

What do Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, And Google have in common? All these ideas are insane, right? Wrong. So, these are simple ideas that were evolved with time and created history.

The amazing thing about these startups is that the founder found a problem and provided a solution in the simplest way.

You might be thinking that it’s not easy to come up with exceptional ideas. Good ideas take time and a lot of brainstorming. Well, it’s not that hard to come up with a praise-worthy business idea.

How to get startup ideas that will create a bend in the universe?

Got a brilliant idea but don’t know where to start. Start with an e-commerce website.

I am a serial Entrepreneur and let me give one advice to all the young Entrepreneurs out there. The most insane ideas come from the most unimaginable sources. What you, as an Entrepreneur need to do is to work on those ideas to make them stick.

Here are 5 sources to get startup ideas without selling your home:

  1. Solve a problem: This by far is the most popular way to create and run a business. I started my first venture by solving my own problem. I was out there in the USA, and I wanted to send gifts to my family at home.

What did I do? I created a business out of it.  Where can you find problems? Look around you. There are a lot of people out there who are facing one common problem.

Talk to people about their problems in your community. Pick a target market and solve that problem.

  1. Find someone with your passion and start a company: Amazon started like this. Google was founded because two students felt the need to organize data in one place. And look how that turned out to be.

You can do the same. Go to conferences. Attend seminars. Talk to people about their interests. You can either start something that you’re passionate about or improve their idea to start a business out of it.

Paul Allen with Bill Gates
  1. You have a skill or a passion, why not start a business out of it: Spend an hour everyday jotting down what you’re passionate about.

Next, figure out how can you earn from that skill. If you are good at website designing, you can start a website design agency to help people turn their ideas into dreams.

If you write well, you can start writing content for people. Just like ProBlogger did while he was doing a full-time job. Darren Rowse not just started a company, he made six-digit income out of it.

  1. Work in industry & figure out a need in that: My friend worked in a digital agency for around 5 years. He figured out that apart from digital services, they were missing content writing services which customers often inquire about.

He sat down with one friend one day, and the next day his basement was his new business. He worked his way up & still running a successful digital design agency doing wonders for others.

We help brands create award-winning mobile apps

And oh yeah. He is making more than six-digit income right now.

  1. Research an existing idea and improve on it: If you spend enough time in the market, you’ll eventually be able to find some ideas that you can improve.

Google something you’re passionate about. Find the top 3 businesses in that niche. Now, spend a week figuring out how can you improve those ideas.

For instance, you can start something like Uber, with the addition of Wifi and ride sharing. Or you can start a gift delivery service with customer service that sends video testimonials for the receiver.

There are billions of ideas out there. But the best ones are those whom you can pick and make something out of it.

You can keep a diary with you all the time. Note down ideas. No matter how insane your idea might seem, just start with it and improve on the ideas later.

Be a “wantrepreneur”. Take risks. Be bold. Talk to people. Connect with nature. Miraculously nature can give your ideas that alone can help you win big in life.

The only thing you need to make sure is that those ideas add value to the lives of people. Don’t just start anything because you believe it will work. Do some idea validation. How much your idea worth? How many people have the problem as yours?

Once you figure out the ‘why’ of anything. You’ll be able to find the business idea that will kick-start your career, your life, and your business.

Yousuf Rafi

A Caffeine dependent non-mainstream person trying to elevate small talk to medium talk. I know I will win, not immediately but definitely. I do most of the talking in my head. However, for other things, I prefer writing blogs.

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