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Whether you need multiple engineers joining different teams, or a single developer
with niche expertise, Branex covers all IT project roles, including software
programming, app development, UX/UI design, testing, and DevOps engineering.
Close the skills gap and scale your team with time-zone aligned best-in-class talent.

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    Why Choose Our
    IT Staff Augmentation Services?

    Whether you are looking to scale your team quickly and on-demand, close a skills gap with an experienced professional, or deliver a high-quality project within your timeline; staff augmentation lets you fortify established development teams with extra resources temporarily, without committing to long-term staff employment. Here’s how Branex helps you reinforce your organization with the team it needs to succeed and go beyond:

    Access to Top Talent

    As an experienced IT staff augmentation company, we offer you immediate access to a vast roster of highly skilled, deeply vetted tech talent. Amplify your team with certified software specialists, equipped with specialized skills and expertise that may be lacking in your in-house team. We also test developers on their soft and behavioral skills to ensure seamless integration and positive culture-fit alignment.

    Hire Technical Staff Fast

    Branex lets you extend your in-house team with the right engineering talent quickly and effortlessly. Let us know your needs and requirements and we'll provide you with experts that accelerate your software development journey. We will provide engineers with deep expertise in the technologies used within your organization. Our developers have robust communication and peoples skills, can think several steps ahead, have a great track record, and ensure 100% dedication to your tasks and initiatives.

    Dedicated Teams

    We will ensure that developers working with you are solely dedicated to your project only. From improving your day-to-day processes to ensuring quality-oriented deliverables and driving meaningful change that aligns with the company's strategic vision, our developers help you meet your organizational goals. Accelerate project timelines, reduce the learning curve and expedite delivery by working with our qualified professionals.

    Managed Recruitment Services

    Our IT staff augmentation services handle every aspect related to HR Management for your business: on-demand recruitment, profiling, selection, and onboarding. Our thorough selection process and stringent screening result in top-tier dedicated teams that fully reflect your objectives and expectations. As a full-service staff augmentation consultant, we also supply all necessary Finance & legal support, IT support, HR and administrative services, or any other service needed for big projects.

    Direct Communication

    We won’t come between you and your extended team - you can set up calls and meetings when it’s needed according to your schedule. Communicate with your extended team just like you do with your in-house team. Our developers adjust to your internal schedule and align with your work hours, provide and listen to feedback, and have exceptional communication skills.

    More Control and Transparency

    We encourage you to participate in the screening process, cherry pick your team, manage your project success and stay updated on all changes. You can also assign a part-time or full-time project manager who will take over management tasks, leaving your hands free to deal with the core aspects of your business and strategic initiatives. Set tasks, assign performance benchmarks, and track the productivity of offshore developers to make sure they bring value and insights into the project.

    IT Staff Augmentation Process: Assemble Your Dream Developers in 3 Steps

    Tell Us Your Requirements

    During the initial discovery call, tell us your needs and clarify project details. Together, we will discuss team structure and approach, timescale, your budget and required skill sets so that we can match your needs with the best available resources.

    Get your Developers

    We handpick the finest professionals from our vast talent roster, making sure to hit the bulls-eye in matching your exact standards and hopes. We will help you conduct interviews to determine a good fit in-terms of technical background & communication skills.

    Onboard and Scale as Needed

    With everything in place, our developers start working directly under your full control, seamlessly integrating with your in-house team. We then will work hand-in-hand with you to onboard and seamlessly integrate your new tech talent, establishing communication processes, infrastructure setup, helping with internal communications, and setting up tool stack. Track tasks and progress to make sure the project is aligned with your goals and scale up and down whenever necessary.

    Branex Offers

    Staff Augmentation Services for
    Critical IT Roles That Include:

    IT Skills Available for Hire at Branex

    We're fully capable of providing you the right tech talent for the following technologies:

    Benefits of IT Staffing Services from Branex?

    Reap the Benefits of expert software engineers, project managers, data scientists, QA engineers, and other professionals who are well-suited for each specific project, without worrying about recruitment issues, administrative management, IT infrastructure, HR support, legal hassles, team management, employee retention, and workplace organization hassles. We set up the perfect environment where they can grow professionally while still doing amazing work for you every day. Scale your startup and enable business growth, while we take care of the rest!

    Here’s what an IT Staffing agency covers for you:


    Back Office Processes



    Get Crème-de-la-crème tech talent on your time zone

    Our IT staff augmentation services allow you to get instant access to our roster of top-tier, time-zone aligned technology resources who are rigorously vetted for technical, logical, and soft-skill abilities. Our developers go beyond writing code; they focus on delivering value, building solutions, and addressing real-world problems. Our developers bring together diverse talents, each contributing their unique strengths to achieve one common goal – YOUR SUCCESS.


    Be Assured of Utmost Quality and Compliance

    Quality isn’t just a checkbox for us; it’s a commitment. We always seek to deliver projects that meet our clients’ expectations in terms of quality, timeliness, and budget. Every element of your project is subjected to rigorous testing and quality checks from the word go. We also prioritize total security and compliance for our developers and take special care to protect our customers’ data. We also have strong security systems in place if your project demands a high level of confidentiality.


    Get Access to All Major Technologies

    Fill gaps in the technical and industry-specific expertise of your original project team by gaining access to experienced programmers with expertise in multiple technologies, tool stacks and effective use of development methodologies. With significant knowledge of the key development practices and standards, in-demand skills and extensive expertise in your specific domain, our teams meet all the demands of your projects.


    Cut costs and Accelerate Deployment

    Staff augmentation is way cheaper than hiring your own specialists, especially when we manage resource recruiting and retention for you. Accelerate the development process, meet aggressive deadlines, and launch products faster by eliminating the need to search for and hire in-house staff, thereby saving time and resources. Garner the most cost-effective solution to outsourcing tasks and onboarding new teams risk-free, when you work with our IT Staffing company.


    Scale on Demand

    Our IT staff augmentation services allow you to quickly scale your team up or down to accommodate changing project needs, ensuring you always have the right number of skilled and qualified IT resources available to meet the needs of your projects. Ramp up your technical capacity to accelerate project timelines when chasing a stringent deadline, or reduce the team size to perfectly align with evolving project needs, without getting into the complexities of hiring or downsizing full-time staff. Concentrate on perfecting your product while we handle the hiring and onboarding process seamlessly.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    While the demand for IT professionals has skyrocketed, the lack of skilled IT professionals has dwindled further. As enterprises clamber to fill their technology roles with skilled experts, more and more companies are refraining from hiring in-house resources in favor of options such as staff augmentation solutions. Staff augmentation is a powerful cooperation model that allows organizations to address the changing needs of their enterprise with temporary teams. Under this model, companies outsource certain temporary or skill-specific roles and expand their in-house team by tapping into an additional talent pool, without the added expense of hiring full-time employees. IT outsourcing services are a great fit for companies that need to expand their in-house teams, find talent fast for short-term projects, and fill talent gaps in their existing teams with experienced professionals possessing specialized skills.

    Staff augmentation model is crucial for modern businesses because it offers the flexibility and expertise needed to navigate the fast-paced and ever-evolving tech landscape. By bringing in specialized talent on an as-needed basis, companies can quickly address skill gaps, manage workload spikes, and execute critical projects without the long-term commitment and overhead of full-time hires. This approach not only helps businesses stay agile and competitive but also allows them to tap into a global pool of skilled professionals, ensuring that they have access to the latest technological innovations and best practices. Moreover, IT resource augmentation services can lead to significant cost savings, as it reduces the expenses associated with recruitment, training, and benefits for permanent employees. Ultimately, staff augmentation model empowers organizations to scale their operations efficiently and maintain a robust IT infrastructure, essential for driving growth and success in today’s digital era.

    IT staff augmentation and IT outsourcing services are both strategies businesses use to meet their tech needs, but they serve different purposes and operate differently. IT staff augmentation involves hiring external tech professionals to temporarily fill gaps within your existing team. It’s like bolstering your current workforce with skilled experts who can seamlessly integrate and work alongside your employees, offering flexibility and scalability without long-term commitment.

    On the other hand, IT outsourcing solutions involve contracting an entire project or a set of tasks to an external company. This means handing over control of specific IT functions or projects to a third-party vendor, who then manages and executes these tasks independently. While staff augmentation enhances your internal capabilities with additional talent, outsourcing shifts the responsibility and management of certain IT operations to an outside entity.

    Whether you need specific skill sets to complete a project that your in-house team does not possess, need to expand your in-house team owing to seasonal spikes in workload, or ramp up your team swiftly to meet stringent deadlines, staff augmentation outsourcing agencies help you augment your in-house team with skilled staff who become the extension of the existing team.

    • Cut costs and expedite your hiring process when HR functions and infrastructure are already catered to.
    • Efficiently scale resources up or down as per your own requirements, timeline, and nature and size of your project, without impacting the core business. For instance, you may initially start with 2 Android developers, 2 quality assurance experts and 2 UI/UX designers but may only need 1 Android developer later.
    • Bridge the skills gap by tapping into a vast talent pool. With Staff augmentation solutions, the entire world becomes your talent pool. Having access to experienced, deeply-vetted talent reduces the learning curve and saves time and cost on training resources.
    • If you’re struggling to meet tight deadlines, hiring dedicated development teams can greatly expedite your project execution times. With a staff augmentation partner, get access to high-quality engineers and specialized skillsets, who are totally focused on your project only.
    • Avoid the costs associated with hiring full-time employees, such as benefits, onboarding, and long-term commitments.

    The staff augmentation process is pretty straight-forward. Once you have identified gaps in your current workforce, such as a lack of specific skills or an increase in workload, it is time to hire a staff augmentation agency. The staff augmentation company accesses your needs and taps into its network of pre-vetted IT professionals and shortlist individuals who match your requirements in terms of skills, experience, cultural fit, and availability. Selected candidates are onboarded into the company’s workflow, including introducing them to team members, providing necessary resources, and briefing them on project specifics. Augmented staff start working on their assigned tasks, collaborating with internal employees in your company, and you can monitor their performance to ensure they are meeting project goals and deadlines.

    IT staff augmentation is fast gaining popularity across numerous industries, especially those that see fluctuating project demands, require specialized skill sets, or operate in rapidly evolving technological environments – such as technology and software development, financial services, healthcare, telecommunication, retail and eCommerce, manufacturing, education and government and NGOs.