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Is Your Social Media Account Hacked? 5 Tips to Keep Social Media Safe

Don’t you wish that your social media security is so future-proof and well-protected in encrypted security layers that if a hacker ever tries to enter into your private files, it just gets backfired on them

6 Types of Online Fraud That Is Taking Place During Coronavirus Pandemic

With the world in a state of lockdown and millions of people working from their homes due to the coronavirus, cybercriminals are busy making the most of this opportunity. Cybersecurity firms and cybersecurity

WordPress Security Tips To Make Your Website Healthy, Wealthy and Wisely

According to Norton, the cost of a single data breach for a company in the USA is estimated to be $7.9 M. Unless you are Elon Musk or Jeff Bezos this number should give you a heart attack, or at least prepare

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