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Hiring an App Developer: How Much Does It Cost & What Factors to Consider Before Hiring Them


According to Statista, by the year 2021, there will be roughly 7 billion mobile app users worldwide. And if that’s not enough, the very next year will bring a great deal more than you’ve imagined. The same Statista also concluded that by 2022, the annual app downloads would surpass 250 billion, which approximates around 45% more than the numbers recorded back in 2017.

Seeing this immense growth of mobile applications, it is pretty evident that the average US individual interacts with brands more through a smartphone than any other gadget, device, or medium. 

And here’s every reason why I believe businesses should consider hiring an app developer to build them a mobile app for the next generation. Are you considering what factors to consider before hiring a mobile app developer? Want to learn how much it can cost to onboard a mobile app developer?

Let’s discuss.

How Much Does Hiring an App Developer Costs?

What happens when you start shopping around in the physical world? You come across a product or service you like and find several people selling the product on different price tags. 

It’s the same when you start hunting a mobile app developer online.

You may come across several mobile app development companies in Dallas offering you different prices for their services. It may easily make you overwhelmed because you don’t know who’s the right one.

At the same time, your concern will be to hire a mobile app developer who costs less and delivers quality. After all, you don’t want to run your bank account dry over a mobile app for business.

To give you a rough idea, here’s what mobile app development can cost on average.

  • $50,000 – Basic apps like a calculator or clock
  • $50,000 to $100,000 – Apps that use data consumption like a weather app
  • $300,000 – User authentication (basic personal profile) required to use the app
  • $500,000 – Social media and dating apps like Facebook or Tinder
  • $200,000 to $1 million – Ecommerce apps
  • $1.5 million – On-demand apps like Uber

These numbers are a rough estimate which will be given to you by many mobile app developers in the market. The rate can be a decisive factor, but you won’t mind making investments for the right quality product if you can find the right mobile app development agency. A number of considerations influence an app. Before hiring an app developer, consider these factors carefully.

Primary Factors to Address When Hiring an App Developer

Start By Examining the Developer’s Portfolio

When hiring an app developer, the first thing you need to explore is their previous work. Ask them to show you their existing portfolio. Although there are situations where complete newbies may appear with the best talent, but that’s certainly not the case when you’re going for a professional agency. They may have some sort of a track record indicating that they are incredibly skilled in the art of developing mobile apps. By having a look at their prior work, you will be able to judge how effective they are in their skills. Browse their website as they usually have a portfolio section on it. In case there isn’t one, fill out a form and ask them to share their portfolio with you.

Are There Any Testimonials?

Check for legitimate testimonials on their website or other reliable places such as Clutch or Upcity. Because let’s face it, no matter whatever they put up on their website, you can’t be sure if a developer is as competent as he claims. The only way to know whether a developer is your best bet is to read client testimonials garnered by a developer on reliable review sites like Clutch, etc. In a digital world where getting fake reviews has become relatively easy, you should find a competent mobile app agency. After all, you will be investing a reasonable budget in the app. So among many other factors to consider, testimonials shouldn’t be neglected no matter the cost. It would be best to consider testimonials as one of the crucial factors in your “hiring an app developer” checklist.

Here’s what Kevin Harrington, the multi-million dollar entrepreneur, has to say about testimonials.

What App Development Approach Do They Take?

When it comes to building mobile app experiences, there are several app development companies that take a distinctive approach. We understand that as a business owner or an entrepreneur, it isn’t necessary that you may always turn out to be a tech-savvy person. However, it’s still significant that you understand the app development approaches, which normally an app development company follows. How they develop their mobile app or manage their mobile app projects can help you decide if they are the right fit for your mobile app or not. By having a command on how they are going to proceed with building your mobile app, you will have a much accurate overview of things.

Here’s a spotlight on the five common mobile app approaches commonly valued in industries.

Learn About their Mobile Development Technologies

Just like every marketer has his specialty so do mobile app developers. In marketing, you have a separate guy for social media, content marketing, inbound & sales, PPC advertising, and the list goes on. Similarly, when we talk about mobile app developers, we have people with different skill sets. Some are good in Android app development, while others are great in iOS app development. As a whole, you may find people who are good at building native and hybrid apps as per the market’s need. So choose one that compliments your requirement most effectively. Learn about the technologies they are using, and you will get a clear insight into what they excel at.

Take the Chance of Knowing Them Better

Even the most superb app developer can fail to deliver a great result if they aren’t connected with you effectively. Take the chance of knowing your mobile app developers better. If you’re hiring a remote team, then spend time having a conversation with them. See if they are knowledgeable or the testimonials and portfolio on their websites are just hoaxes. Believe me, because this has actually happened with some of our previous clients. Besides, talking to them can give you insight into their expectations, goals, ethics, values, and personalities. Avoid unnecessary arguments and learn about their working processes.

Later on, it will help you keep open communication with them.

Are You Looking to Hire an App Developer?

Hiring the right app developer can be really cumbersome, especially when you’re not quite aware of where to find them and how you can be sure that they are the right people for the job.

It’s where Branex, our mobile app development company, comes in. Our mobile app developers are some of the most talented individuals in the mobile app development stratosphere. We create remarkable experiences that talk business to our customers. Are you searching for a mobile app solution that gives your brand the right exposure? We are the right app solution for you.

Get in touch with us and hire an app developer to help you design the app of your dreams.

Ashad Rehman

Ashad is a Senior Content Producer at Branex Marketing, an experienced writer in the field of web design & digital marketing.

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