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4 Spooktacular Halloween Marketing Ideas to Increase Customer Engagement


Want to make the most out of your brand this Halloween? here are some Halloween marketing ideas to help you increase customer engagement.

The pandemic has caused quite a devastation around the world. It’s like the bubonic plague killing scores of individuals and spreading like wildfire globally. As we found ourselves at the mercy of this growing plague, there’s just too little that we can do rather than quarantine ourselves at homes.

Unlike every year where we have parties and trick or treating, this year Halloween is going to be a whole lot different. It wouldn’t be held in traditional large gatherings of people dancing away at rave parties or exercising the traditional trick or treating. It would be celebrated with people fixing themselves a hot coffee cup, wearing costumes at home, and celebrating it with their few loved ones still living.

With people locked indoors, many would seek the chance to enjoy Halloween from the confines of their homes. They will more likely spend more time on social media and the online world. Many would consider hosting virtual parties, and here’s where you, as a brand, can make the most of it. 

Do you wish to capitalize on the Halloween season this year digitally? Here are four spooktacular Halloween marketing ideas to effectively promote your brand & engage your target audiences. 

If You Can’t Decorate Outside, then Decorate Your Social Media.

What is that one way how brands can easily connect with their target audience? My answer is social media. Social media is the most remarkable and effective way to communicate with your customers.

If you want to make your social media presence more lively, changing the design from time to time is the best way to show that you, as a brand, are alive. And what other time would be most suited and more fun than the Halloween season itself? Add some graphics with the good ol’ jack of lanterns, use a full moon theme with a werewolf, or blood red theme with vampires and bats; make the most of what you can this Halloween by setting the right stage for your customers to get into the feels of the holiday season. You can also change the color of your profile images to something more suitable.

You can also change the logo temporarily.

If you have a company website, then you can implement those changes on your website as well.

Here are some website inspirations to help you get an idea of how to transform websites for Halloween.

People Love Discounts and Halloween is the Best Time to Offer Some

It doesn’t matter if your brand has anything to do with Halloween or not. As long as the season is here, you can capitalize on it by offering some attractive Halloween discounts to your customers.

Is there a trendy product/service which people typically purchase from you? Add a coupon or a discount offer on that particular product/service and see how people love to buy from you. It will not only increase your chances of getting repetitive sales, but you will also get the opportunity to score new customers. Although you will get lower profits on making each sale, you will observe increased traffic and many new buyers who will eventually experience your product/service. If it’s good enough, they will come back, again and again, to purchase from your brand in the future.

Do You Own a Mobile App? How About Sending Over Some Spooky Ghouls

If you have both a website and a mobile app, don’t forget to add spooky ghoul elements to your mobile app. Just like Christmas, Halloween is a great way to add some themed features. Give a slight change to your existing app logo as well. A little tweak, such as including a jack-o-lantern in the background or using a cobweb, or turning the main character into a vampire by giving it fangs, is all you have to do to show your commitment to the season. It will prompt your users to click and check the product out and see what you have to offer to your customers this Halloween season.

When you change your mobile app’s look, people are excited to see what new offers have to offer to them as their customers. So when rolling out new Halloween themes on your mobile app, make sure to add some specific offers, promotional content, new Halloween based products, etc.

Among many Halloween marketing ideas, here’s one that works for gaming businesses in the mobile app world. They can quickly sell costumes and skins, new weapons, and much more.

Want to Make Things More Engaging? How About you Host a Halloween Contest

User-generated content has become a hallmark for many industries aiming to grow their customer base. When people observe other people confirming that the brand offers amazing products/services, they become more convinced to purchase. It’s one of the reasons why UGC has become quite a popular marketing strategy among small and medium-sized businesses. One way to make the most out of user-generated content is by running a Halloween themed contest.

Why do I believe this strategy, among many other Halloween marketing ideas, will significantly work? Everyone in the holiday spirit would choose to dress up and decorate their homes with different holiday decoratives. Ask your customers to share their home snapshots and let your customers decide which is the best-looking one. You can do the same for pets! For instance, ask your customers to share pet snaps wearing crazy Halloween costumes. Let the audience decide who wins!

You can choose a variety of other contests and let customers bring your digital presence to life. 

Why Choose Halloween to Feature your Brand?

Halloween is a big season in the Western world where many shoppers come alive. In the wake of purchasing costumes, candies, and decorations, people are filled with the holiday spirit and love to make new purchases. According to the International Council of Shopping Centers, 64% of customers search for discounted sales and promotions; that’s more than 50% of the shoppers!

As a small or medium scale business operating in the digital world, you must make the most of this holiday season. Try different engaging Halloween marketing ideas to bring your digital products to life. At Branex Digital Marketing, we aim to bring Halloween’s true essence to our customers’ products. Are you searching for the right Halloween marketing ideas? Let’s connect. A world of Halloween themed business ideas await you.

Ashad Rehman

Ashad is a Senior Content Producer at Branex Marketing, an experienced writer in the field of web design & digital marketing.

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