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Stay Ahead of the Curve with These Black Friday Cyber Monday Marketing Campaign Ideas

The holiday shopping season is just around the corner. Excited? Me too.

Did you know that more than 55% of consumers plan to shop online and in stores on the biggest shopping weekends of the year – Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Some statistics suggest, in 2016, Black Friday generated 3.6X more orders, whereas, Cyber Monday generated 3.1X more orders than the average number of orders received in November.

Adobe  named Cyber Monday 2016 was the biggest online sales in the history of US retail as it made $3.39 billion online in a single day… which is a 10.2% increase year-over-year.

Frankly speaking, it is one of the most revenue generating days of the year for many businesses and your social media campaign plays a crucial role.

Nothing entice shoppers more than a good shopping deal, all you need a marketing magic to generate more leads and sales. So, what your digital marketing agency needs to do during the largest sales days?   

To better prepare you for successful Black Friday and Cyber Monday social media campaigns, here are some amazing social media marketing campaign ideas you can freely steal and implement to make some new sales records this season.

Let get to it!

Stick to the Basics

Whether you are going to start an email marketing campaign for Black Friday Cyber Monday or planning to come up with some unique social media campaign for this holiday season, keep these basic things in mind as you need to stand out from rest in this holiday season and make more money.

  • Offer Inexpensive Shipping

Appropriateness and reliability matter more especially in this holiday weekend. Free shipping is a number one incentive for majority of shoppers, while same day and two-day shipping also makes shoppers to shop online. So, make sure you have smooth and fast shipping process to attract more and more customers this Black Friday and Cyber Monday.  

  • Don’t Forget Mobile Buyers

As more and more people are turning to smartphones when it comes to online shopping, still mobile conversion rates on smartphones was only 1.9% as compared to desktop conversion rate 4.3%, according to Adobe report. Smartphones play a key role in generating Black Friday

Cyber Monday traffic, so there is a huge opportunity for brands to avail this opportunity and make the traffic double, triple or even quadruple. Make sure your website is responsive, looks perfect and works well on all mobile devices.  

  • Focus your Efforts on the Right Channel

Always invest your time and efforts in the channel where your audience present on. It is advised to focus on a few networks that can generate more traffic, engagement and eventually revenue. Your brand doesn’t need to be present everywhere.

  • Start Planning and Implement Early

Don’t wait for the last minute to run your social media campaign and expect big results. Start planning your campaign ahead of time. Decide what do you want to achieve with BFCM social media campaigns. What are your goals, success metrics, target audience? And how do you reach them? So, start preparing and execute as early as possible.

  • Create a Landing Page  

If you are planning to promote your Black Friday Cyber Monday deals on social media, creating a landing page is a worthwhile option. You can create separate landing pages for both occasions. This way you can convey your brand message and offer special deals while increasing your chances of an improved conversion rate. You can create different landing pages for your sales efforts in different product categories.

Okay, let’s jump into some great ideas for your BFCM social media campaigns.

Special Deals and Discount Offers

Adobe reported prices of televisions, tablets, toys and pet care were unbelievingly dropped in 2016. So, you can also come up with an amazing discount deal for BFCM season.

You can start sharing your top selling products or discounted deals on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and can get some orders through special sale offers of BFCM. If you add high levels of creativity, you end up with great results.

eBay offered the best deals on Black Friday in 2016 and announced it on Facebook.

ebay deals in black friday

Have a look at Amazon top lightning deals, especially made for Black Friday. They show amazing discounts, urgency and shortage of products just to create BFCM madness.

best deals for you

Chubbies come up with a unique idea of Cyber Monday or Thighber Monday deal – they offered 12 different gifts for 12 different hours.

This trick not only makes the customer pay money for cool gifts but it also creates curiosity among shoppers to keep checking back for more gifts that Chubbies brings every hour. Oh and by the way, if you want amazing hosting deals, do check out Black Friday hosting deals on HostNoc. 

Boycott BFCM

Have you ever thought of boycott BFCM? Of course not! As they are the most popular shopping days of the year, in fact the best time for retailers to take the cash from customers.

At this time of the year, when everyone is getting mad on Black Friday Cyber Monday deals, why not boycott BFCM.

Let’s take an example of REI, an outdoor clothing and gear store. They suspended their online sales on Black Friday and started an amazing #OptOutdoors campaign.

If REI can do it, so can you.

Change the perception of BFCM, come up with a unique idea to attract customers and make good profit this BFCM.

Use Live Streaming Videos

Live videos are one of the hottest digital marketing trends these days. Nowadays, users prefer to watch Facebook Live videos 3X more than those that are not live, Facebook reports. In addition, users comment 10x more on Facebook Live videos.

High level of engagement, instant feedback, real-time value and users’ interest – the benefits of live videos are unlimited. The idea of going live streaming with Facebook Live can do wonders this BFCM season. Yes, try it!

Let’s take an example of here, they ran a campaign:

“We are giving away a prize a minute, just comment your answer for the chance to win!

Head over to for up to 50% off + free delivery for Black Friday”

So, invite your fans to attend the live session and offer special deals for them to hold their interest.

Add a Pinch of Humor

Insert some humor into your social media posts and it can do wonders for your brand. Make your customers laugh, if you add a little humor to your campaigns, people will open their wallets for you.

Still not convinced? Here are a few reasons:

  •         Humor works because it attracts attention of people, especially on social media.
  •         Humor makes your brand unforgettable and create a strong emotional connection.
  •         Humor puts customers in a pleasant mood and this happiness becomes associated with your brand.

Stay away from serious, generic BFCM social media posts, come up with some funny social media copy, just like Amazon did.

Any brand can be funny, add social media humor this holiday shopping season.

Run Paid Campaigns

Your options are limitless when it comes to paid social media campaigns. Run your paid campaigns on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or any other channel where your audience spend most of their time. It is advised to retarget campaigns for BFCM this year and you will be all set to stay ahead of most competitors.

Key Takeaways

Go beyond creating a tweet, Facebook post or Instagram hashtag for the biggest sales on Black Friday Cyber Monday. Social media is filled with endless opportunities around the shopping season, it’s up to you to get the most out of them.

There is no need of massive fanbase to run BFCM social media campaign, all you need is a creative idea, proper planning, the right channel, the right audience and a pinch of humor to run a successful BFCM social media campaign.

Chris Stone

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