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Here is why Google, Airbnb, and Lenovo redesigned their logos & so should you

What is the one thing that is common between Google, Lenovo, tinder, Nintendo, & eShop logos? Curious to find out? Is it just a coincidence that these companies are redesigning their logos in a similar pattern? I bet not. Let us delve into why brands are doing so.

First, let us start with Google, Lenovo, tinder, Nintendo, & eShop logos.

Did the similarity dawn on you? If for some reason the resemblance still evaded your eye, I suggest you try meditation and try to refocus your thoughts. For this post, let me elucidate on it. These logos follow a subtle pattern and it goes deeper than their “E” s. And once you’re able to crack the pattern, you’ll be amazed at how simplicity can work wonders for your brand logo.

Fall in line. A photo shared by OH no Type Co on Twitter raised an engaging question. Why are these companies changing their logos along the same lines?

Still, believe this is just a mere fluke? Are these companies clamoring to exude a unique message while following a pre-set pattern? Logo designers at Branex reached out to design experts, and here are some of the conclusions that made some sense.

Simplicity is the New Chic

“Knowledge is a process of piling up facts; wisdom lies in their simplification.” ~ Martin H. Fischer

The number of visuals that a common user is bombarded with day after day is inconceivable. From streets to laptops to smartphones, there is visual chaos out there which makes it impossible to navigate in the minds of a common user. In fact, these brands are all propagating the same message: We are offering services that are simple, straightforward, clear, and of course, readable.

We are building the most desirable logos on the internet.

Another theory is that big brands are looking to create a cohesive experience, identity, and the look and the feel of the website. As you scrutinize the website, mobile app, and their branding, everything seems to be articulating a message of simplicity and integrity. As you streamline the fonts, colors, and styles that are used in your branding and across your social media channels, there is a higher chance that your consumers will register the brand name for a longer period.

The more general, the more trustworthy

I’ve seen startups go from scrappy brands to well-established ones with a formidable presence. Your goal as a brand is to stand above the noise and champion that people trust and depend upon in their everyday lives.

There lies a danger of what people will think of specific colors, typefaces, and even the shapes of the logos, which is why tech giants are trying to reshape their brand personas into a clear voice which makes their brand appear fresh and friendly even in the corporate arena.

The logo is not just about the symbol & colors

Once upon a time, when there was little or no awareness, brand managers and even top-level designers would try to look for a concept to draw on when designing a logo. This is obviously not the case anymore. Each brand is a new concept. The logos that are mentioned above may seem similar but the services and brand values they offer are a different story. And this is what makes them totally recognizable in the overall scheme of consumers.

These brands are famous for their unique company cultures. Therefore, they don’t even need a symbol to define their brand. Most popular brands are using custom typefaces instead of logos to represent their brands. And these text-based logos are becoming the new voice for these brands.

Another trend is that the logo is not doing any actual work. It is the work that defines the identity of the brand. The identity of the brand is further defined by the experience provided by the brand, and these experiences encapsulate the logo supporting it.

First, it was Twitter, then Microsoft, and 17 years down the lane, eBay revamped its logo as well. The new logo is clean and clears a lot of clutter from the previous rendition. Here again, the font used made it easier for the consumers to read the name without facing any problems.

The new logo maintains its color palette. The vibrant colors represent the diversity of the community represented by the brand: 100 million active users and 25 million sellers across the globe.

How does the logo Appear on a smartphone?

If you look at myriad conglomerates across a multitude of industries using the exact design with the same fonts, don’t be amazed. But the brands are doing this for a reason; to look and feel good on the smartphone.

Every logo that received a design overhaul, did so keeping in mind the smartphone market. Time and again, brands are mimicking each other when it comes to the style of the font, or even in some cases, the colors themselves. What separates one brand from other is their values and the experience provided to the consumers. And therefore, these brands steer clear of complex symbols or fonts which make the logo appear indecipherable across some screen sizes.

The Finishing Stitches

It is not just about keeping up with the Joneses blindly without knowing the reason behind it. If you’re willing to rebrand your logo, you know what factors need to be considered before the overhaul.

A logo is not just a collection of symbols and colors anymore. It is about creating a strong brand with values based on experiences. And to cater to those experiences, you need to design logos that embody the core values of the brand.

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  • Great post Josh. I’ve always thought that words come first in brand design. We think in words first and then assign meaning to visuals based on that. Which is why I try to develop the emotional core of the brand and THEN give that message map to a graphic designer so they know exactly what feeling we’re striving to create. Without that emotional brand core messaging as a foundation, it’s just some clean, clear “e’s” that look great on a smartphone but resonate with no one. Rock on!

    • Thank you so much for your feedback. Oh yes, visuals leave a memorable and long-term imprint in our minds.

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