We build High-Tech websites.

In fact, Websites that Drive Business

Do you need a stunning High-Tech website?

We take an innovative approach in designing technology websites, which has won us awards for our design style. We want to build you an award winning technology website and watch your business grow.

Your tech website should do more for your business

Data Center Web Design

Website design and development for an enterprise Storage-as-a-Service and datacenter.

Websites for Managed Service Providers

Websites for providing software-as-a-service, cloud computing, data management, website development or hosting, network monitoring or other services to customers.

Websites made for Cloud Services

Website Design services for SaaS (Software as a Service), PaaS(Platform as a Service), and IaaS(Infrastructure as a Service).

Informational Technology

As a technology firm, your website categorically has to be top of the list. Your potential clients are turning to you to solve their IT needs, and you can bet that they expect you to be well represented online. As your online development partner, we make sure to fit the right technology to your unique objectives and budget.

Certified & Accredited Web Developers

Qualified experts in leading web programming languages ensure highest standards of quality.

Strong Business Positioning

The industry with a cut-throat competition, your business needs to stand out among hundreds of technology service providers. Employment of latest technology features, branded imagery, and color assortments are considered the most important factors create the difference against companies working with the same products and services as you.


Our experts have a wide range of coding knowledge such as JavaScript, Java, Python, Elixir, Rust, Go, TypeScript, PHP, Ruby on Rails, C#, Swift etc. Whether it’s a robust, custom web solution, or a simple HTML brochure style site, we can deliver with stunning results.


If you’re looking for help with technology web design, Branex can help your company with an awesome new client generating website. But don’t just take our word for it. We’d like to make you an offer you can’t refuse.


Build fast and robust websites on WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Magento & other custom CMS platforms. Easily manage your site through the use of a content management system platform.


To fully meet your goals, your web design must start with a well-developed strategy. We put your website to work by connecting your objectives with your audiences. We then create B2B marketing strategies that increase leads, promote services, and amplify your brand.


Adaptive Emerson

Adaptive Immersion is a Florida based small business providing Software as a Service (SaaS) based solutions to predict and optimize human performance that could be in for of recruitment and selection along with training products.

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High Praises From Our Customers

“Branex did a remarkable job when it comes to meeting our business requirements, budget constraints and any last-minute changes that we hurled at them to incorporate. We’re glad that we chose Branex as our app development partner and it was a wonderful experience to see our app getting developed in their studios.”


“We were looking for a website design agency that could provide us a web design that not only compliments our brand's personality, which is an Indian cuisine restaurant, but also excites our audience's perception just like our food excites their taste buds, I must confess, Branex did an amazing job for us. The design is aesthetically pleasing and enhances our target audience's engagement with our brand. Job well done, Team Branex!”


“Being unable to get my head around the complexities of SEO, I was looking for a professional SEO agency who'd help me to learn the power of search engine optimization. The training I received was invaluable and their extremely knowledgeable and courteous trainer explained the concepts of SEO in a way that was easy to understand and combined with the lab sessions on almost each concept, both myself and my fellow trainees enjoyed the complete session thoroughly.”

Windsor UniversityDirector Marketing


TaskQue app gives managers flexibility to assign tasks without overlapping any resources. All the correspondence is done in real-time, so it is easy for managers to keep transparency as they work.

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