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Scale your development capacity and deliver end-to-end projects swiftly with
well-performing and collaborative dedicated software development teams.
Branex empowers Your business with top IT professionals who work under your
direct supervision and are committed to delivering successful project outcomes.

Hire a Dedicated Team




    Top Companies Choose Branex’s Dedicated Software Development
    Teams for Their Mission-Critical Projects


    UI/UX Designers

    Transform a product vision into user-friendly designs that promise the most engaging user experience and highest conversion rates.

    Front-end Developers

    Create intuitive, user-friendly and stunning interfaces for websites and apps; the parts that users actually see and interact with.

    Back-end Developers

    Take care of a product’s functionality, i.e., everything the user does not see, such as performance, servers, databases, and system design.

    QA Engineers

    Put in hours of meticulous automated and manual testing focused on identifying and eliminating all the bugs.

    Product Managers

    Manage the entire development cycle to make sure a project is delivered successfully on time and within budget.

    Business Analysts

    Identify valuable business insights to see what works and what does not and establish the direction for the business.

    DevOps Engineers

    Manage the underlying infrastructure and build CI/CD pipelines for faster delivery.




    Assemble Your Dedicated Development Team in
    3 Steps

    Tell Us Your Requirements

    During the initial discovery call, tell us your needs and clarify project details and the kind of team you need. Together, we will discuss team structure and approach, timescale, your budget and required skill sets so that we can match your needs with the best available resources.

    Get Your Team

    We handpick the finest professionals from our vast talent roster, making sure to hit the bulls-eye in matching your exact standards and hopes. We will help you conduct interviews to determine a good fit in-terms of technical background & communication skills. We then will work hand-in-hand with you to onboard and seamlessly integrate your new team, establishing communication processes, infrastructure setup, helping with internal communications, and setting up tool stack.

    Start Working

    With everything in place, our dedicated software development team starts working directly under your full control, much like your in-house team, 100% committed to your project and working on your tasks only. Introduce your new development team to your in-house infrastructure and other team members, conduct regular agile meetings to stay in the loop, track tasks and progress to make sure the project is aligned with your goals, manage the team, and add/remove members whenever necessary.

    Why Hire a Dedicated Software Development Team from Branex?

    Reap the Benefits of a fully-functional team of expert software engineers, project managers, data scientists, QA engineers, and other professionals who are well-suited for each specific project, without worrying about recruitment issues, administrative management, IT infrastructure, HR support, team management, employee retention, and workplace organization hassles. We set up the perfect environment where they can grow professionally while still doing amazing work for you every day. Scale your startup and enable business growth, while we take care of the rest!

    Here’s what we cover for you:


    Back Office Processes



    Get Crème-de-la-crème tech talent on your
    time zone

    Hiring a dedicated development team allows you to get instant access to our roster of top-tier, time-zone aligned technology resources who are rigorously vetted for technical, logical, and soft-skill abilities. Our developers go beyond writing code; they focus on delivering value, building solutions, and addressing real-world problems. Our dedicated software teams bring together diverse talents, each contributing their unique strengths to achieve one common goal – YOUR SUCCESS.


    Control the results without spending time on daily management.

    Each dedicated development team is managed by a dedicated project manager who controls the day-to-day process and workflows, takes care of productivity monitoring and motivation management, and reports to the product owner as often as needed to ensure process transparency and alignment with your goals. This allows you to focus on the core parts of the project. Rest assured, we will ensure seamless communication between you and your remote dedicated development team. Time zones, software choices, and all the nitty gritty details are taken into account.


    Be Assured of Utmost Quality and Compliance

    Quality isn’t just a checkbox for us; it’s a commitment. We always seek to deliver projects that meet our clients’ expectations in terms of quality, timeliness, and budget. Every element of your project is subjected to rigorous testing and quality checks from the word go. We also prioritize total security and compliance for our dedicated teams and take special care to protect our customers’ data. We also have strong security systems in place if your project demands a high level of confidentiality.


    Get Access to All Major Technologies

    Fill gaps in the technical and industry-specific expertise of your original project team by gaining access to experienced programmers with expertise in multiple technologies and tool stacks. With significant knowledge of the key development practices and standards, in-demand skills and extensive expertise in your specific domain, our teams meet all the demands of your projects.


    Cut costs and Accelerate Deployment

    The average outsourced software developer rate is significantly lower than going for dedicated software development. Hiring a dedicated software team is way cheaper than hiring your own specialists, especially when we manage resource recruiting and retention for you. Not to mention, a dedicated development enables you to accelerate the development process, meet aggressive deadlines, and launch products faster by eliminating the need to search for and hire in-house staff, thereby saving time and resources.


    Scale on Demand

    Dedicated development teams offer you the highest degree of flexibility. You can quickly scale resources up and down without compromising deadlines or your budget and still get high-quality development services. Add, replace free of charge, or remove an engineer, adjusting your team size effortlessly as your workload fluctuates. Bring in developers as needed without the hassle. Concentrate on perfecting your product while we handle the hiring and onboarding process seamlessly.





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    Frequently Ask Question

    A dedicated team is an engagement model that allows you to cherry-pick a team according to specific requirements, skill sets, and the project budget. This model is ideal for long-term projects with unclear requirements or large internal projects when you lack in-house employees. Unlike IT outsourcing, our dedicated teams solely focus on the client’s project, providing a personalized approach and better results. While our developers work remotely, the client has complete control over the team’s work and progress.

    Hiring a dedicated development team is an effective way to create and launch new products, especially when you lack experts with the required skills for the project. Dedicated development teams save you from the hassle of recruiting, training and retaining the right talent, as well as managing administrative tasks such as contracts, holidays, and sick leaves. When working with outsourcing IT companies like Branex, it becomes much easier to hire a professional project team quickly, since we take on all recruitment, employment, administrative and infrastructure expenses for every specialist in the team. At Branex, we strive to bring together different people that can come up with bright and innovative solutions for the project, have different views, and can look at any issue from another perspective. Enjoy Cost efficiency, predictability, and flexible talent management by hiring a dedicated software team from Branex.

    The costs of hiring a dedicated software development team can vary greatly depending on several factors, such as the team size and composition, level of knowledge and experience of the team members, project complexity, project duration, and outsourcing location. Soliciting additional services such as project management, quality assurance, ongoing support, and maintenance can add to the overall costs, which is important to consider when budgeting for the dedicated team.

    There are certain situations and projects when a dedicated team is the best choice instead of hiring in-house specialists on site. For instance, your internal development team doesn’t have the capacity to meet stringent deadlines, especially in the face of unforeseen changes or increase in the project scope, or perhaps a project requires specific expertise you don’t have inside your company. Not to mention, when you need to hire resources instantly, without spending too much time on recruitment and all the human resources activities, a dedicated software team is an ideal choice for you.

    Our dedicated team model encompasses all the services we provide, including:

    • App and web development
    • Frontend and backend development
    • DevOps
    • IoT engineering
    • Quality assurance
    • MVP and product development
    • Custom software development
    • Ecommerce Development

    Our dedicated software development teams combine world-class knowledge, effective project management, and a customer-centric approach. We only hire individuals with the right blend of technical expertise and soft skills, ensuring complete assistance for your project. Effective communication, transparency, and high-quality output are our top priorities. We work to go above and beyond your expectations and support the success of your software development initiatives with our commitment to excellence and client satisfaction.