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Puerto Rico & the World is a business entity connecting millions of buyers & sellers from all across the world all under one roof


Puerto Rico & the World, a business entity connecting millions of buyers & sellers from across the world all under one roof. The business is aimed at improving people’s lives by bringing them together for fruitful exchanges of automotive, aviation, marine parts or real estate offerings. Puerto Rico & the World wished to create an online marketplace where trading could be easier for people all around the world. Our client wanted to leverage the website medium to provide sellers the opportunity to increase their sales & help buyers discover good items at affordable prices.

The client was stepping into the digital world for the first time & wanted to embark on the digital platform to leverage it to its full potential. The business initially wanted a remarkable website to be able to rub shoulders with the industry giants & then step into other digital mediums. Puerto Rico & the World partnered with Branex to create a user-focused and results-driven website that becomes the central marketplace for buyers and sellers of Automobile, Motorcycle, Plane, Sea Craft parts, or Real Estate Property.

Case Studies


Mario, The President & owner of Puerto Rico and the world LLC, was in search of an experienced and top-of-the-line digital agency to carry out stellar website development for the project. After acquiring initial proposals from some of the biggest names in the industry, Mario chose Branex instantly and there’s no looking back since then. Check out the video to see what Mario says about Branex!

User Experience

The website design was built flaunting a fresh, crisp and modern appeal which makes it more appealing & attractive to a younger audience. The appropriate usage of white space and a neat uncluttered layout makes the design easily understandable and facilitates new visitors effortlessly. Due to the deployment of ‘posting an ad’ option, users can send simple advertisement inquiry form to the member who created that ad and the member will also be able to reply to the inquiry. Our web designers made the website design responsive on all devices.

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