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Designing a tailored social media strategy

Tycoon is an innovative Iraqi online marketplace that is designed to let people buy or sell items from an array of products and services. Tycoon makes it so easy to connect people willing to buy, sell or exchange used/new goods and services.


Social media has become an integral part of any business that is operating in this digital world. It gives brands an edge to grow their business and has immense potential in terms of effective marketing. Social media's ability to reach the target audience and earn their attention has gotten every brand's interest. New businesses are leveraging the outreach of social media to grow exponentially. For the same reason, Tycoon collaborated with Branex to step into the social world and attract customers from the untapped market in Iraq. Branex with its comprehensive experience and a social-savvy team started concocting some promising strategies to beef up Tycoon's social media presence.


  • Building social media accounts from scratch and growing the audience sizes on their social media channels, raising brand awareness and visibility (reach and impressions) and enhancing engagement with fans and followers.
  • Crafting social media strategies that align with the brand goals.
  • Running social media marketing campaigns to create the right hype around the brand and build the credibility of all social media accounts.
  • Conducting competitor research and customer profiling to create the right content that resonates with their target audience.
  • Launching the brand with a bang and creating a buzz.


  • To attain the first goal of raising awareness of their novel concept, we ran a variety of different ad types (from audience growth to engagement to website traffic), identifying optimal publishing days/times and posting consistently to their social channels.
  • Branex researched their audience to understand what they want, so we can focus on the right direction with our social media marketing campaigns.
  • We defined important metrics for Tycoon’s social media strategy so that we can work on achieving certain KPIs.
  • Our social media team cooked up a stellar content strategy to achieve said KPIs, and keep up with new trends and hashtags in the social media world.We used a combination of diverse content forms such as social podcasts, reels, captivating gifs, engaging TikTok content, UGC content, and content generated by our team at work.
  • TWe also collaborated with micro-influencers for the shout-out needed for a successful launch.

The Branex Advantage

We provided a variety of social media marketing services to Tycoon, including:

  • Localized Search:
    Monthly Content Calendars, Community Management, post Production and Reporting
  • Social Ad Management:
    Facebook (Page Likes, Offers, Website Traffic), LinkedIn Lead Gen
  • Influencer Marketing:
    Influencer Identification & Outreach, Relationship Nurturing, Campaign Assessment & Analysis


So how did all of these social media marketing efforts move the needle in just a month? Have a look below!

  • Facebook
  • Total Page Likes: 7753
  • aid Impressions: 7735602
  • Paid Reach: 5973755
  • Organic Reach: 3943
  • App Installs: 5555

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