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Sharjah Private Education Authority (SPEA)

SPEA is a government authority that is responsible for the affairs of private education institutions. Sharjah Private Education Authority (SPEA) wants to raise the quality of private education, starting with transforming their website.


Stepping forward to facilitate you better

SPEA is a government institute that regulates the private educational sector including private schools, colleges, and nurseries. Sharjah Private Education Authority facilitates different institutes and provides services to personnel associated with these institutes. They ensure that laws and regulations pertaining to these organizations are followed. SPEA also provides different opportunities such as multiple programs and projects, events, and activities in which teachers from different private educational institutes can participate. Sharjah Private Education Authority welcomes complaints and suggestions to keep educational organizations streamlined and improve them for the better.


To enhance the brand value and create deep understanding among target customers.


Developing website and trust at the same time.

SPEA partnered with Branex to transform their old website into a new interactive website with relevant custom CMS pertaining to educational services. SPEA wanted a seamless user experience with an impeccable interface, unhindered functionality, and visual aesthetics in line with the existing brand guidelines. To create a fully integrated, creative, and flexible system, offering strong support for the teachers and students, SPEA needed to include a few integrations in their new website, such as the event booking system, membership forms, social media integration, announcements and notifications, video & audio links from Youtube, map, chatbot, and so on. The client also wanted Google Analytics integration to be incorporated for analytics and statistics.

Idea and Execution

The client came to us to revamp their website and give it the quintessential touch that is the hallmark of Branex. We accepted this challenge and deployed our maestro development and artistic design teams to breathe a new life into the SPEA website.

Keeping in mind that the website is the primary source for students, teachers, and private institutes to stay up-to-date on events and activities, formal events , celebrations, ceremonies, or school Calendar and even lodge compliants and pour in suggestions, we designed a solid framework for this project. We provided the client multiple design options for review, and went forward with the one they opted for.

The sitemap offers hassle-free, intuitive navigation, so that all the important information can be accessed easily. We then incoroprated major integrations requested by the client, such as Daleel for the student's data, Tammam for administrative and teaching staff data, and Etqan Program for the development of schools. For the data management system, we used WordPress because it is easy to customize and flexible, and for the database, we employed MySQL.

We followed stringent design guidelines and made sure the SPEA website is responsive, compatible with all laptops, tablets, and smartphones, and easy to browse across all modern browsers. The overall website layout is neat and well-organized, with plenty of white spaces and high-quality images and videos.

Taking it to the next level

Branex left no stone unturned to bring the best. We kept our client in the communication loop throughout the development process to make sure every requirement and specification is being met. Our development and design teams made the website one-of-its-kind in the educational authority industry. We blended power-packed features with eye-grabbing aesthetics and the results were pleasing. Our collaboration with SPEA was a great experience and everyone on board put their efforts to make this project a roaring success.



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