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On-demand car wash services at your doorstep.

Short on time, but want to shine? The Rinse app brings the car wash directly to your home or work, no matter where you are.


Rinse came up with the idea to develop an on-demand car wash service app that caters to the clients online and saves them from the hassle of waiting in the long queues at the car wash. Rinse is your mobile ticket to a sparkling clean car at all times.

As the world is moving in times where people are busy and don’t want to go for a car wash and wait for long hours, this application allows the user to choose and schedule car services, anywhere anytime. Rinse approached Branex to develop an interactive app that connects car owners to the Rinse car wash service. The client wanted to explore a big untapped market via this robust and scalable app. We put our relentless efforts to bring the best out of this project and left no stone unturned to deliver exactly what the client had in mind.


We at Branex are specialized in creating an experience that lives with your customers



  • The app should perform with cross-platform integration to provide smooth functionality even if the customer is running it on a different OS.
  • The app requires a convenient payment system to ensure the flow of online payment.
  • A highly functional and feature-rich app that connects car owners with the car wash service providers.
  • Users should be able to accomplish their goals in the least number of steps.
  • An option where you can schedule a service for the future.
  • Secure payment system for online payments


  • An interactive app that caters to the untapped market with easy booking of a car wash at your decided place and timing.
  • After receiving the brief from the client, we gathered our team to draw the final architecture and bring the feature-packed app to life.
  • WE integrated a secure payment system (PayTab) to enrich the app with the online system./li
  • The algorithm automatically assigns the task to a professional cleaner, removing the hassle of doing the work manually.

Technologies Used


  • Integration with Google Analytics to track traffic and other major KPIs
  • A secure payment gateway to provide a safe payment method and ensure smooth flow of transactions without any hassle
  • Google Map integration to track the location of the car owner by the service provider.
  • Google Firebase integration for an unhindered and interactive app experience and to provide real-time data.


  • Register and add your vehicle
  • Once the user logs in, they can search for a car washing service from the available list
  • Select a location where you want the wash to be performed
  • Pay online through your card
  • You can see your past and current orders
  • Edit your profile
  • Get Notifications of booking, order acceptance, and work completion


  • Manage customers and services provided to different customers
  • Track services and refund
  • Assign tasks through the panel
  • Add and edit workers
  • Manage notifications (email to workers and customers)
  • View earning and payments


  • See the task dashboard to track your task
  • Check task lifecycle (status update [started/in-progress/completed], details, expected time)
  • Check tasks history

Making a Difference

After painstaking efforts, the results were promising. The Rinse car wash app was user-friendly, easy-to-use, and intuitive, resulting in higher engagement and customer satisfaction. Branex not only made this project a roaring success but also delighted the client with exceptional service and unhindered communication throughout the project.



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