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Munasabah happens to be your new savior for all your catering needs

Munasabah came up with an idea of an app that offers solutions for catering and events and Branex turned it into reality. A one-stop platform where you can gain access to top-notch catering and event organization services and make your party a roaring success.


Munasabah approached Branex to break the conventional event organization industry and aimed to bring a far-reaching experience for their customers who are planning an event.

The company seeks to provide the best to its customers in terms of reliability and accessibility. The on-demand event planning app means to offer a user-friendly platform where users get access to top-notch catering and event organization services as and when necessary. Munasabah wants to give users one less thing to worry about and rather focus on making their events a roaring success.


To enhance the brand value and create deep understanding among target customers.



Munasabah came to us with an idea to revolutionize the way people experience the planning of different events. Munasabah envisioned an app that connects hosts to event-related vendors, be it caterers, entertainers, and decorators, and make instant bookings and payments. The client wanted to deal with all the arrangements on your behalf, while you remain worry-free and enjoy your event; be it an intimate gathering or a corporate event. Branex wouldn’t let go of any chance to provide the client with utter satisfaction, so with the help of our expert mobile app development team, we brainstormed ideas to bring this application to life.

How we turned it into reality

As a result of working hand-in-hand with our client and our seamless app development process, we managed to build the first version of the app in hardly any time. We designed a one-stop event planning platform that allows users to explore different vendors, view their products, list of services, and their prices, as well as book them for their events by a simple tap on the mobile screen. Our team encapsulated all the features requested by the client with utmost feasibility and accessibility, making sure to keep the navigation simple and the layout flexible and aesthetically pleasant. Armed with functional features and above par aesthetics and interface, the Munasabah app makes the event planning process a pleasant build-up towards the main event.

The Part We Love – Results

Our dedicated and tireless efforts made Munasabah an astounding app. As a result, their users can gain access to a broad range of event-related vendors with a whole lot of services, ranging from food, decoration, to complete event management. Customers were particularly enthralled by the feature where they can set the event date, time, detail, and venue and send it to their entire friend's list as an invite. What’s admirable here is that guests can acknowledge whether they are attending the event and the dashboard will automatically update the count of attendees. Through enormity and efficacy, Branex succeeded in delivering what was expected from it.

Integration Beyond Imagination

Cohering to the requirements of the client and keeping in mind the idea of innovation and creativity, every step performed by Branex is pure dedication to building an app that is aesthetically pleasing and ridden by an astronomical amount of features, nevertheless keeping usability and reliability our priority. This psychic app is enriched with an immeasurable feature which is without any doubt stems from the exceptional and diligence performance of our team.



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