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A major overhaul to give a boosted look and immunity

Kcal is a company that provides fitness solutions to their customers and they decided to bring this idea to the mobile app, and give their website a revamp. Kcal business model is to provide fitness conscious individual a full-fledged solution where they can order food of their liking without having second thoughts, a restaurant that provides hygienic and organic food and supplements that is necessary for their good health.


Mobile app experience that gives you indulgence

Kcal is a fitness geek company that gives a pack of solutions from healthy food delivered at your door to a contactless dining experience. Kcal also offers Fuel Up supplements for the power you need to smash your goals. Kcal's business model needed the app that goes with their business idea with utmost features and unwavering reliability. Mobile app experience plays a pivotal role not only in business visibility but also increase sales and customer satisfaction. So, Branex headway to develop the app that speaks for itself through creativity and modernity.


Kcal approached Branex to uplift their app game and give their website an overhaul, exactly where Branex expertise lies.



While revamping process, the user experience was our top priority. Our team started working to give Kcal website a new life by adding vital functionalities and satisfactory features to start with. Keeping our client in the loop so we don’t further away from his expectations and exchanging communication to make this process of development more enriching. After website rebuilding, we moved towards the app development process which is a more critical yet rewarding phase. Our objective was to create an app that provides above-par standards. Our team executed tasks to instill the app with features like order food weekly, get diet plans and meal preparation for athletes of different categories, and able to pay online, save login details. To ensure secure and smooth payment, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay options were integrated. For the user information, a nutritionist tab was added where they can put their information and ask the professional nutritionist about their diet or anything.

Kcal Expectations

Kcal had a website but wanted Branex to reshape it with an aesthetic that would catch the eye of its user and make it more relevant and easier to navigate. The app is an addition to their business and we want it to an exceptional experience for them. Kcal aimed for the three different apps, Kcal Life for restaurant, Kcal Extra for food delivery, and Kcal Fuel-Up for their supplements business, and the Branex app development team left no page unturned to get what Kcal sought. Our team created apps with exceptional functionalities and usability with an integrated button to switch between all three apps.

Branex Intervention

We are not sought for what we have endeavored so for in the industry but what value we strive to deliver in our work. Kcal believed in our instincts and let us build an app and a website that depicts the image of their business. Kcal came with an idea that advocates for their customer's preferences and we make them instill in the app and website. After thorough brainstorming sessions and keeping Kcal in the loop, we worked with Kcal as one team to incorporate different functionalities like payment gateway where user can easily pay sitting at home, navigating through different categories to make a healthy eating plan, set a goal for the fitness and can contact with a professional nutritionist. Our development and design team had left no page unturned to give Kcal users the best experience of the app that provides multiple health and fitness solutions at one go. Our experts made sure to provide exceptional functionalities with a user-friendly experience.



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After painstaking efforts of Branex’s team, results came promising. Kcal app downloads increased exponentially and website traffic improved with sales coming in. Team Branex went a mile ahead in making the app interface seamless, user-friendly and intuitive. Branex not only made this project successful but also delighted the client with exceptional service and unhindered communication throughout the project.

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