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Branex was consulted to improve the trivial online presence of Double D pizza. The company had an unsettling audience base that was unaware of the great taste they were missing out on. The idea was to not only maintain an online presence but to also generate leads.


Dubai is a global marketplace, where people from different geographical backgrounds have come to earn their lively hood. In the midst of the daily routines, lies the opportunity for businesses to target customers, convey their messages and generate revenue-generating possibilities from them. Double D Pizza is a local pizza restaurant in the busiest business hub in Dubai, the Jumeirah Lake Towers. Having their presence in the business centers in Dubai where on one hand enabled Double D to make incremental revenues through their fast food offering while at the same time poses a major threat that was coming in from the swift establishment of eateries offering similar food items.


To enhance the brand value and create deep
understanding among target customers.



The idea is to create a marketing mix for the popular online social channels that include Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Instagram. Brand promotions spreading over months and any festivities that are occurring in the region along with delivering a special message was in the pipeline.

Team Branex sat together to identify the pain points where the brand is falling behind. After the analysis phase was completed, we combined the client requirements to create a social strategy that is spread over all the mentioned social networks. Being communicative is required to send the essence and value of the brand across the target market. Visually attractive and hunger-inducing banner posts along with tweets and social quizzes became the highlight of the overall strategy.


Team Branex fixated on three major social media channels Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Before the Branex engagement, Double D’s traffic was averaging 100 visits a day, with only 50 to 100 of those per week converting into action. Incoming traffic came mostly from internal links on the Double D’s site, and some of organic SEO.

After Branex had taken charge, and within three months of working, CTA rose up to 40-50%, and traffic made a prolific growth of 1200 visits per day. Not only Facebook page management, moreover with Instagram customers were given accord to share their rapturous experience with the world.

Results to be proud of

Here is what the brand was able to achieve after signing up Branex as their official social media agency partner: The banners and posts that were put up on Facebook reached about 88% online target audience of Double D Pizza. Paid promotions showed impeccable results and our social media experts kept the advertising budget of the client in total control that translated to a minimal $0.01 cost per view. Instagram postings directed more than 2000 new fans to Double D’s Facebook page and the website views were in hundreds from the first week of execution. The CTA placement in the website increased the online ordering 50% more than the previous numbers. An average of 17 new views was gained from Google+ page on weekly basis and the overall Facebook ranking increased from 3.2 to 3.9.A quiz contest that was run on the Facebook page and Twitter of Double D’s gained swift momentum and resulted in an increased 12% weekly sales



Team Branex also worked on creating a supreme online presence for Double D Pizza. We created an intuitive website design for the client that is loaded with creativity and executed to perfection to create that extra spice of engagement on the virtual world. The idea behind the website creation was to not only target the audiences, but to also help the brand in getting authentic and recurring web traffic, brought to lifethrough pin-pointing search engine optimization efforts put in by our experts.



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