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Al Majid Digital solutions is involved with supplying and servicing technologically advanced office equipment to businesses across the nation. As a modern digital organization, they are constantly updating their product lines and services to provide the best to their customers.

Al Majid Digital solutions wanted a website that better communicated their products and solutions’ value to potential customers while providing a premium user experience, with a special focus on site architecture and navigation to enable easier browsing and a more frictionless experience. The client asked Branex for professionally-designed responsive website that conveys all the pertinent information to their prospects, and cement their position as a market leader in the digital transformation industry. They wanted the website to not just make potential customers aware of their technological prowess, but also look like one belonging to a tech-focused digital leader.


To enhance the brand value and create deep understanding among target customers.




Our development experts decided to implement a fully responsive solution backed by WordPress CMS, with a heightened focus on overall aesthetic and user experience to make the site more engaging. Since the client wanted to build a solid perception of their company online with an informative website that is pleasing to the eye and enjoyable to view, we spent time with their team defining key goals and action items for the new site. Our face-to-face meeting sparked invaluable discussion and provided us with guiding site goals and design direction.


The next step was to plan and define the information architecture of the site. Once the site architecture was solidified, we moved onto creating wireframes, which allowed us to easily define the user journey. In order to give the site a modern and tech-driven look, we utilized a harmonious balance of whitespace, striking visual imagery, and typographical styling to accentuate the value propositions offered by the client. Furthermore, to ensure the overall messaging of the site was direct, concise, and professional, we emphasized important information with bold applications of their branded color palate to enhance the visual organization and increase the chance of conversion.

The Homepage highlights the key information of what the brand does to help their customers, as well as showcases the industries and clients that they work with. The design also makes it easier for users to navigate through and find exactly which service, solution or product fits their needs. The tech-focused background of the hero header was added to create a visual interest in the website. The homepage features a clean design leveraging elements from the header, that highlights the key areas of their offering. Blue is used profusely throughout the design to evoke intelligence, communication, trustworthiness and maturity, as well as steadfastness and security; exactly the attributes that the brand wanted to highlight.


Once the design phase was completed, we dove into coding their custom site upon the WordPress CMS platform. The goal was to create a robust internal platform that allows admins to easily make updates and visitors to navigate quickly throughout the site.

After crafting the perfect website for the client, we triple checked it from front end to back end. We tested the website on popular devices and browsers to ensure proper functionality and efficiency. We carefully combed through the site for any necessary last-minute changes needed to create the perfect experience for their visitors.

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The client had a very strong brand identity, which we seamlessly implemented into their web presence. Branex created a well-thought-out website with a modern and professional aesthetic that provided a deeper content experience, and with better overall structure to help that content get discovered. We strove to create a clean, modern, and minimalistic look to reflect the cutting-edge services and solutions on offer. Branex succeeded in rising above and beyond the client’s expectations, but still within the requested budget. We stayed responsive and proactive during the development process, responding quickly and courteously to all feature and change requests, and as a result, the client was utterly pleased with the finished website.





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