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Brand collateral for strong promotional impact

Isuzu is the leading Japanese vehicle manufacturer of stellar commercial vehicles and diesel engines to help people be mobile always.


Isuzu - Brand collateral for strong promotional impact.

Founded in 1916, Isuzu is a name unknown to none. Isuzu is the leading Japanese vehicle manufacturer producing stellar commercial vehicles and diesel engines to help people be mobile always. Isuzu’s vehicles are manufactured ensuring utmost safety, economic & environmental performance alongside providing exceptional service. The company operates on the underlying idea of providing high-quality products, outstanding performance, durability, remarkable lifecycle value and better mobility across the world. Isuzu wanted a brochure design that describes their product well in a concise manner so user doesn’t have to spend too much time reading the vehicle or engine specs. The idea was to embody excellence, class and sheer brilliance in the brochure design.

Although branding for the company was already done and promotional strategy was present, the client wanted the brand collateral to entail core branding elements with our touch of design expertise & sleek aesthetics that could stand apart. Isuzu sought Branex’s help to design brand collateral that portrayed Forward’s (one of their renowned medium-duty trucks) specifications, durability tests & applications.


To enhance the brand value and create deep understanding among target customers.


The Challenge

The real challenge with Isuzu’s brochure design was to craft a design that symbolizes the essence of the brand & depicts the vehicle’s specifications in a clear and concise manner. The company provided Branex with a lot of information regarding their product at hand i.e. Forward & wanted Branex to design a brochure that could be used for marketing in exhibitions, tradeshows, events, conferences and even at their retail outlets.

With a myriad of information available and the need to present core product specifications in a way that stands out amongst a slew of competitors, team Branex had to work their way out to design a brochure that describes the product specs in a way that is easily comprehensible by the customer and also looks excellent.

Strategy Proposition

To work on the collateral for Isuzu, branding experts joined heads & iterated a couple of brochure ideas to the client. After much communication back and forth and tweaks, single page, one fold and 3-fold brochures were proposed to be designed. The core idea was to depict company’s main offerings in an eye-catching & captivating design that catches user attention. Designers worked earnestly day and night and came up with several design versions for the client to choose from. The design was created keeping minimalism in mind & included important specs in a short yet concise manner so that whole information is communicated to the reader in no more than 120 seconds.

Design 3C’s – Clear, concise & concrete

It lies at the heart of our business operations at Branex to live up to the client’s expectations and requirements and this project was no exception. Our brochure designers designed brochures for Isuzu keeping 3C’s in view – Clarity, conciseness & concreteness. The brochure was designed on the 3C premise so that all information and graphics in the brochure are easy to understand, to the point & reflect the brand values.

The brochure design that was finalized was rock-solid in content and graphics, stood out in aesthetics & concise enough to be used across different channels as important marketing collateral material.

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