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Will Robots Take Over My Job? Some Lifesaving Tips To Stay Employed in the Future

Will Robots take Over my job

Is there any chance that you have been to a McDonald’s Job in New York on Third Avenue at 58th Street? If not, here is how things go by.

You enter McDonald’s. You place an order on a touch screen. Your order is cooked by a McRobot and served by a McRobot too. As surprising as it might seem, this is quite alarming for unskilled employees. Also, in some cases, even professional employees are being replaced by automated robots.

A recent study predicts that automation will eliminate 73 million jobs by 2030. If you’re not worried yet, you should be.

If you’ve not yet seen Black Mirror, a Twilight Zone-esque anthology TV series about technological anxieties and possible futures.  I would suggest you log into Netflix, grab some popcorn, and binge-watch all five seasons. From the first episode of Season 5, where AI took over the feelings of an average human being to the third episode namely, ‘Rachel, Jack, and Ashley Too’ where a famous popstar was replaced by her AI robot. Yes. A clear indication that robots are taking over our jobs.

Robots are now performing automation jobs more efficiently and accurately, a task once assigned to manual labor.

Companies are investing billions in automating jobs. The jobs which were once performed by a real person are now being handled by machines. Do you pump your gas? Buy groceries from a self-service shelf. Alternatively, even consult an AI-based doctor to prescribe you meds. More and more jobs are assigned to robots.

Automation is not a bad thing. It is smart to replace the back-breaking work that even injured employees, or plainly wore-out workers. Sadly, it is replacing unskilled labor such as cashiers. Instead of charging manually on credit cards, payments are made via Apple Pay or Google Pay. Even the task of flipping burgers can be assigned to robots who are making patties by pressing them between two hot rollers.


JPMorgan is using software that figures out which of the documents are relevant to a case in a matter of seconds, something that used to take lawyers more than 360,000 Hours of hard work.

Before you start rushing to check if your current job is at risk, there is a tool for that as well. Ironically. Will Robots take my job will help you figure out if you need to switch or pursue your career or not?

Lifesaving Tips To Keep You On The Job In The Future

Here are some lifesaving tips to keep you on the job in the near future:

Always be learning:

Japanese use the word Kaizen, which means constant growth. If you dream of having a prosperous life in the future, you must invest your energy towards growing slowly every day. Education doesn’t end at the age of 22, nor does it end at 82. CEOs of today and successful people prefer reading books overspending their free time on vacation. Companies like Zappos and Amazon give their employees extra credit if they learn something other than their core field.


In a federal report in the year 2017, it was concluded that more than half a million Americans are unemployed just because they won’t accept a job which is below their skill level. Figure out ways to help employees learn new skills. Develop a culture of lifelong learning.

Stay Curious:

Technology is moving at an enormous rate. The interns, the CEOs, and even the managers must prepare themselves for the future. The only way to survive is to stay curious. Evolve. Widen your skillset. You might be good at analyzing data. However, if you are not willing to put in your blood, sweat, and tears to learn, you’ll end up in the dungeons with the dragons.


It’s necessary to exercise the Curiosity Quotient (CQ). To stay relevant, you must ask the right questions. If you keep a company of diversified people, they will generate new ideas and even contradict your opinions, which will help you to learn something new. It’s fantastic how great of an impact passionate curiosity combined with diverse, inclusive teams can have on the success of a leader, team, and business as a whole.

Negotiation and persuasion:

According to Oxford research, people who have mastered arts, creativity, negotiation, persuasion, social perceptiveness or are adept at assisting or caring for others, are in the least danger of being overtaken by Schwarzenegger-like T-800 cybernetic beings. Unfortunately, those with cramped workspaces or those who deal in tasks entailing manual/finger dexterity are most likely to be assimilated by the borg.

Neuromarketing can help you learn about the buyer’s intent and help you take the necessary actions to persuade the potential consumer to buy from your brand. Robots cannot do any such thing. The more questions you ask your customer, the more feedback you’ll be able to gather. Moreover, based on that feedback, you can judge the emotional state of the customers. Sure, robots can take data and apply some logic to analyze the situation. But, robots can’t understand the feelings of customers.

Psychology Tricks to Persuade Anyone:

Artificial Intelligence will lead to new opportunities, according to Alibaba Founder Jack Ma at this year’s Bloomberg Global Business Forum.

There are some jobs which are safe from robots which are difficult to replace.

Imagine, because robots cannot

One trait that cannot be learned by robots is imagination. The way AI currently works is by taking existing data and making logical inferences based on the parameters we give it. Imagination and dreaming are merely not programmable skills. Activists, entrepreneurs, visionaries, thought leaders, authors, speakers, and others have a distinct advantage over technology in this arena, and that isn’t going to change any time soon.

The revolution of going back to the basics of humanity is about bringing each of those skills back to our reality at home, school, and work. It is impossible to answer ‘Will robots take my job’. However, what each one of you can do is take these skills seriously and get yourself immersed in the habit of learning and growing.

It is because of those skills that we have evolved over thousands of years. Moreover, it is because of those skills that we will continue to survive and thrive in times of technological disruption.

Mohammad Ali

Mohammad Ali is an experienced digital marketer and a search engine marketing specialist who is currently associated with Branex, as senior digital marketer and brand strategist.

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