Why Spending Big Bucks on your SEO is Worth It!

Spending big dollars on SEO is worth it!

Spending big bucks on your SEO can be worth it if you have a clear goal, strategy, and budget for your SEO campaign. 

There was nothing special about the event.

The speaker began with a simple introduction.

A breakthrough digital device.

People were curious. They knew they were in for a surprise, but no one knew that the device that was about to be announced would completely change the way we listen to and enjoy music.

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A petite device priced at $399!

This shocked People who were happy with a wallet-friendly CD player were shocked. They thought it was the most insane idea of the century.

I mean, who will pay $399 for a music player? However, this was not an ordinary mp3 player. This was the first iPod.

A device, having the capacity to store 1,000 – 2,000 CD-quality songs with a runtime of 10 hours.

When Steve Jobs made the announcement of the iPod for the first time, people in the presentation hall thought it was an outrageously expensive device.

However, by the time Jobs finished his 50-minute presentation, the audience, as well as the potential customers, were completely sold, and oodles of people bought iPods regardless of their price.

Life-Saving father’s Advice for my startup

My dad has always said, “The cheaper buyer gets bad meat”. I didn’t understand his words until the time I started my first business.

When I launched an ecommerce store and assumed that I could take care of the website SEO. I was operating on a limited budget. So I learned whatever I could about SEO and implemented those strategies.

Six months passed, and there were no sales. Eventually, my friend advised me to hire a professional SEO agency to take care of SEO. Although the price seemed too high at that moment, that was one of the best decisions of my life.

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People carry this feel-good perception that if something is expensive, it must be good. Americans are already appending $497.16 per month on their SEO. Moreover, companies paying $500 are more satisfied than those paying anything less than $500. 

A study by Backlinko revealed some thought-provoking results. Here are some of the significant findings:

Key SEO Findings by Backlinko’s Study

  • Small businesses often take SEO services if they come directly from a referral, Google search, or an online review.
  • More than 75% of businesses believe that the reputation of the CEO of the digital agency plays a vital role in hiring the agency. Location is also an essential factor. People consider going to a local SEO Agency.  
  • One of the biggest challenges for website owners is to attract new customers and retain old customers without spending much. A professional SEO agency will overcome this challenge by using smart strategies.
  • Block fraudulent clicks on Google Ads.
  • Business owners expect an SEO company to boost brand awareness.
  • It turns out that the majority of business owners are not happy with their current SEO agency. Only 30% of the owners plan to recommend their current service provider.
  • Clients prefer to work with an agency rather than a freelancer.
  • Even if some clients prefer to stay with the brand after the first failure, there is a chance that the client will leave because of customer service and responsiveness.
  • As a result, most of the CEOs didn’t believe in one SEO agency, and dissatisfied they switched to more than one agency.

Investing in premium SEO services is more critical now than ever before. Despite the current difficulty, everyone finds themselves facing a lack of organic keyword data & traffic.

A coherent SEO strategy is essential in terms of online marketing; along with other vital components of the brand. Search engine optimization or SEO is a way to optimize your website so that search engines will understand it better and give you higher rankings. If you’re willing to showcase your brand in Google Search result pages, it is pivotal to invest in the right SEO agency.

Implementing strong, quality SEO on a brand’s website and digital properties is always going to be beneficial to that brand and its marketing efforts.

It’s considered a “new agemarketing technique. But it’s critical to a brand’s web presence in this day and age, especially as available data and rivaling competition continue to increase and grow.

If you’re still worried about the premium price of SEO, stop thinking, and start dialing our numbers. We will guarantee premium quality SEO services without hurting your wallet.

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