Asp.Net Vs PHP: Clash of the Giants


Since the dawn of modern programming languages, there’s been an incessant battle going on between PHP Vs ASP.Net website development. So, which one is superior in the eyes of the able people known as developers and at the same time feels good to the potential customers?

If you call out to programmers and ask them for their opinion on PHP vs ASP.Net, they will freak out as which language is more facile & which platform offers more features than others?

The website developers are addicted to PHP because it is a widely used language, while the core cause of the popularity of ASP.Net is its support by Microsoft which makes it easier for developers to operate across any of the programming language supported by .Net.

The ultimate decision will be yours. If you need a certain project to be developed in a short period of time you will have to choose between PHP and ASP.Net and consider the odds of which one will be more beneficial for you.

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In this blog, we will be examining features for both PHP and ASP.Net and which will be best suited for your website.

Before I start discussing the differences between the two, let me make it clear that the final verdict will be from you, I am just laying down some facts for you to ponder upon.

One added advantage of PHP is that it is already deployed to more than 244 million websites across the globe.

Furthermore, PHP is that it is free of charge and the compilation is based upon various different frameworks which provide ease to the websites development process.

WordPress & Facebook are two supreme examples of PHP and delivers a clear message on the potential of PHP.

As for ASP.Net, its advantage lies in the fact that the language is supported by Microsoft to comfort the website developers.

The second best advantage of using ASP.Net is that you are using .Net framework to code which makes it easy for developers to code.

Now let me stop wasting your time and see in the battle between PHP vs ASP.Net, which one is better. Vs PHP

Let’s start with the Performance

When we talk about the performance of a programming language what we actually mean is the strength of the connection between the script, database, and its server.

When you’re writing code for PHP application, it will take help from the LAMP, which means MySQL, Apache, Linux, and PHP. The stock at LAMP is a guarantee that the performance is automatically enhanced while developing web apps or even high-end projects.

The file system and the OS largely impact the overall performance of the application. On the other hand, Linux Operating System offers a high-end I/O performance when we compare it to the Windows file system.

While PHP supports cross-platform and can be programmed both on Linux and Windows, ASP.Net is limited to one platform. However, with the recent update, ASP.Net Core, and ASP.Net MVC now supports multiple OS.

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Another reason behind the speed of PHP is that it operates on every platform while ASP.Net is for limited platforms.

But when it comes to PHP vs ASP.Net, PHP overrides ASP.NET with the code exaction and compilation too.

Unlimited coding

One of the things that developers love while they’re coding is freedom.

In PHP vs ASP.Net, PHP offers a wide range of freedom when compared to ASP.Net

As you might know that PHP is an open-source platform which gives the developer a freedom to do anything with the code. Of course, there are some restrictions to this. But on the plus side, you get to choose any of the text editors you like such as Notebook++, jEdit. Notepad. Bluefish, or even Emacs.

But while coding on ASP.Net you have a limited window to work on. Core supports Linux, Mac and Windows.

As mentioned earlier with PHP there is no one OS that is supported by PHP.

You can run PHP on any of the following OS:

  • Linux
  • Unix
  • Windows
  • Mac OSX

Which is more popular?

PHP shares a clear edge of popularity when it comes to usage of Programming language. As per the report collected from top million websites, PHP secures a lioness share of 67% and ASP.Net shares less than 50%. When it comes to top 100K sites PHP again dominates sharing around 57% market share and ASP.Net is at 37%. When the stats are about the top 10K website, PHP holds around 53% while ASP.Net shares around 36%.

The statistics clearly show that in the battle between PHP vs ASP.Net, PHP is the most favorite among website developers for several reasons, while ASP.Net is on a constant decline when it comes to popularity.

Unstoppable speed

No other programming language can beat PHP with the speed. This is the core difference between PHP Vs

As PHP takes most of the system resources, it is far straightforward for PHP to operate at a high speed than other programming languages.

In contrast to various programming languages, PHP is seamless when it comes to hosting. To host on PHP on any server and most of the popular servers are ready to host PHP.

If you’re planning to develop a website and confused between PHP vs ASP.Net, you don’t need to worry about slow servers or s quite simple without worrying about any hosting problems. PHP will keep up the speed without interfering with any other processes.

When it comes to decoding 

Apart from other advantages, PHP is extremely good at fixing our problems.

When you develop a web application, you are bound to encounter problems. But if you are using PHP to fix problems, you will be able to do it in a more manageable manner.

Unlike other programming languages which include ASP.Net, program debugging is one issue which can bring tears in the eyes of the developers. With PHP you can ask for help from the PHP community that is widely available on the internet.

Whenever you make a request to fix an issue in PHP, it will refresh and clear-up to help you out. Which means once the issue is raised, it will not intervene with any other issue and work on your own phase.

PHP Vs ASP.NET: What’s the Conclusion?

Whatever you choose it is all up to you. If you ask me, in between PHP vs ASP.Net, I would prefer PHP over ASP.Net nine out of ten times. And also because PHP is free of cost while ASP.Net will tear down your pocket.

Which programming language do you prefer while developing websites? Do share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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