12 Startup Business Ideas in 2021 To Make You Rich From The Duck Tales

Startup Business Ideas

Life is like a hurricane, here in Duck Burg

Race cars, lasers, airplanes, it’s a duck blur

Might solve a mystery or rewrite history!

If you are a ‘90s kid then you might have recognized this song. For those who don’t know what I am talking about this is the theme song from Duck Tales – the famous cartoon series from the ‘90s. I’ve always dreamed of becoming as rich as Scrooge McDuck. He had this huge vault where he swims and feels proud and makes us jealous as kids.

Since my childhood, I’ve always wondered how can someone earn that much money? I got my answer when I graduated from college and started working 9-5 for a firm. While I was busy working for someone else, my friend started his own business. To cut a long story short after three years, I just switched a few jobs while my friend was busy taking a vacation every week. What changed? A simple business idea changed his life.


Ideas are easy. It’s the execution of ideas that separates the sheep from the goats.” ~Sue Grafton

If you’re fed-up of day-to-day jobs and reading this blog, this means that you are willing to make something good out of your life. I will present a bunch of startup business ideas that can make you start a business from scratch and make a small fortune out of it.

1: Recycling Waste


The rise of industries like packaging, construction, and automotive is expected to increase the demand for plastic goods in 2021. In a report, it was concluded that by the end of 2021, the plastic market would reach $645 billion. Figure out ways to use recycled plastic in things that are in demand. The more creative ways you can find, the more your startup will flourish.

If you have any doubts about what you can do with the plastic shoot, a comment in the comments section and our experts will brainstorm some fresh startup business ideas with you.

2: Coupon Business


97% of the consumers in the US look for discount coupons while buying a product online. While 40% of the consumers believe they are smart when they find the best deals while placing an order. But hold on, you might be thinking, how will a business benefit from a coupon website? Groupon’s third-quarter revenue alone was estimated to be $495.6 million.

It is quite fascinating to see eStores like Amazon, BestBuy, Walmart, Staples, and others offering coupons to attract customers.

You will not be surprised to know that 3 out of 4 people have used coupons once in their lifetime. So, yes, if you plan to create a coupon website, you will not only get an insane amount of traffic; in doing so, you will make some good money out of it.

3: Online Tutor

Chris Spooner runs a YouTube channel Spoon Graphics. In an interview with Branex Talks, Chris revealed that he doesn’t work with clients to make money. Instead, he teaches people on his channel and makes his bread and butter from the channel.

Sienna Santer paid her college fees by advising students on her college experience and other activities at Harvard School. If you have skills, you can turn that experience into learning for others.

Tutoring online is one grand idea that doesn’t demand much investment, but the returns are mind-blowing. You can begin by teaching one course. Use tutoring tools and webinars to benefit people and gain popularity with a YouTube channel. You can take help from social media to increase your reach and get more customers.

4: eCommerce Store


The most straightforward internet-based startup idea that can easily make you a handsome amount of money. Don’t confuse the eCommerce store with an eCommerce website. I am talking about selling items either on Instagram, Amazon, or Shopify store.

This kind of business model, if executed correctly, can help you generate a steady stream of revenue. And the best part is that you don’t even have to go anywhere or know even an ounce of coding to start this business.

It would help if you bought an eCommerce store from an eCommerce solution provider and get started by uploading products and marketing them on social media.

5: Shoe Laundry

Frequently known as shoe laundry business – the startup idea is both cool and exciting and has great potential in the market. Remember getting punished for having dirty shoes in school? You can start by one category of shoes and scale the business to every type of shoe. You can charge a premium price for cleaning premium shoes.

6: Anonymously Sharing App

Are you one of those people who love to share everything and anything on the internet? Five hundred million people share their stories on Instagram every day. More than 74% of the people in the US access Facebook once a day, and 51% of the people visit it multiple times a day. As it turns out, these sharing apps have way more power than we think.

People love sharing their lives with the world regardless of what people think about it. It is absurd that people around the globe share their darkest secrets using anonymity. If you create just another social media network that won’t do you any good, but if you make it anonymous, it can attract many people and make them share their lives with the world.

7: Niche Blogging


Often one of the most underrated businesses that people start with no or low expectations. But when it comes to making money online, people are earning handsome money through Medium. While on the other hand, people still think that it is difficult or impossible to earn from blogging.

Yes, you heard it right; blogging can act as a full-fledged source of income. Most people just put anything on their blog and get successful, but I am not suggesting anything like that.

Just like any other business, the core of blogging is to offer value to the visitor. For instance, if you are a website developer, you can start a blog in which you can share custom website development tricks or share your personal experiences on how to deal with angry clients.

As long as you share something that people can relate to, it won’t even matter what your friends and family think about it. Choose any niche for which you can produce quality blog articles that offer something meaningful to the readers. Once your blog gathers critical mass, then you can start using AdSense or advertising to make money from your blog. When people start considering you as an authority, they would love to follow your advice.

8: Start Your Own YouTube Channel


Until a few years back, starting a TV channel was hard, but not anymore. Having a YouTube channel is the most profitable startup business idea that can make you a fortune in no time. You don’t need much investment in time. All you need is a camera to shoot your views about celebrity gossip or record reviews of the latest gadgets to help your audience find the best gadget they’re looking for. 

Pick a theme and start from there. As you grow, so your channel will mature. Check the demographics of your country and start sharing what people want to listen to and watch. If you find a unique angle in the simplest of life experiences, people will love to subscribe to your channel and share it with their friends.

9: Home Décor Business

The only startup business idea with a profit margin of 300%. The home décor market has been considered as a booming business for the past couple of years. With a worth of $664 billion, home décor business is something that you cannot afford to miss. Whether you do it online or offline, customers will love to pay you a premium for a bespoke makeover of their abode’s interior. If you have an eye for beautifying homes, then you should make a business plan and execute it right now.

10: Tea/Coffee Café

Let’s start with Millennials. 87% of the Millennials drink tea regularly every day. The average coffee consumption in the US is 3 cups a day. Businesses succeed when their product offerings have a high demand. Now you know that tea and coffee have a huge fanbase. So, this is your opportunity to start a business around it. But before you start, here is a million-dollar tip for you. Starbucks doesn’t make the best coffee in the world. Yes, you can read that again. What Starbucks does differently is deliver a customer experience that people crave for. If you can create a mind-altering customer experience around your coffee or tea, you’ll be able to handsome bucks out of it.

11: Bottled Water

I don’t even have to talk about the potential of this business. The bottled water bottle industry is estimated to reach $279.65 billion by 2021. People are involved in the bottled water business on so many levels.

If you reside in an area where clean drinking water is scarce, you can supply it to customers in offices, bus and metro stations, railway stations, or even in villages. These are places where people are most thirsty and want easy access to potable water. So, if you have a location in mind, start small and scale as the demand grows for your product.  

12: Sell Tickets Online

Again, the idea is super simple. There was a time back in the ‘90s when people used to stand in long queues to buy tickets to movies, concerts, and sporting events.

However, with 4G and 5G technology, you can buy tickets online on the go. You can initiate a startup business. The best part is that there are no liabilities in it. You need a website or a mobile app that appeals to the customers and is easy to navigate. Before the development of your e-venture, you’ll have to partner with sports organizations, event management companies and other parties. Once that’s done, the only investment will go only in designing and developing codes for your website and apps.


To Wrap it all

I still remember my friend Jack. We both completed high school and chose different parts as our careers. I did the usual 9-5 job while Jack went on to start a business. I was pleased after one year that I was earning well while Jack kept struggling with his business. It was after two years when I met Jack at a party. He forced me to visit his grand mansion, and there I saw 5-6 brand-new cars. I knew right then that I was the one that made a fool of myself.

Regardless of wherever you are, starting a business takes a little bit of willpower. So, go out there and start a business cos if you don’t, you’ll remain stuck in someone else’s vision for the rest of your life.

Yousuf Rafi

A Caffeine dependent non-mainstream person trying to elevate small talk to medium talk. I know I will win, not immediately but definitely. I do most of the talking in my head. However, for other things, I prefer writing blogs.