8 Reasons Why Real Estate Mobile App is Better Than Hiring Realtors

Real Estate Mobile App

My home is my kingdom. Who wants to leave their kingdom? However, when times get rough, the only option you have is to find a new haven. Up until a few years back, you had to contact a real estate agent, who would then assess your requirements, appraise your needs, do their diligent research, and then provide you with some relevant options to look over.

Nowadays, just like every evolving industry, the real estate industry has also evolved by leaps and bounds. Buyers are noticeably more dependent on their mobile applications to discover the simplest and most reliable ways of purchasing products from mobile.


With real estate agents, there are limitations. Your real estate agent cannot remain online round the clock. At one time my friend lost his dream home just because the agent was off the radar for a few hours. By the time his agent saw an email from the seller’s agent, the seller had already accepted a counteroffer.

There is so much back-and-forth communication that you need to stay on your toes all the time. The connection between you and the agent should be clear. Agents are prone to keeping things in the dark, which gives them an edge to play with you.

I’ve worked for a mobile app development company and trust me when I say that mobile apps are making lives easier for brands. I mean it over my dead body.

Here are Few Reasons Why Developing a Real Estate Mobile App is Right for your Business:

1) Availability for your customers at all times

Consumers spend more than 5 hours a day on their smartphones. In a survey, it was revealed that 70% of online traffic comes from mobile devices. This is an era of chaos. People want simplicity. They don’t want to think a lot when they are purchasing from you. A real estate mobile app will give consumers an option to get all the information they need without calling or waiting for someone.

There will be real estate agents sleeping through the night, or disappearing for indefinite durations.

2) Customer Loyalty

If there is just one reason that will convince you to develop a mobile app for real estate, it is to build customer loyalty. There is noise out there. The billboards, newspapers, coupons, Facebook ads, and email marketing. Every brand is losing its impact as a whole in this digital world.

With a mobile app, you’ll be able to establish a real connection with your customers. It will be a walk in the park for you to turn those customers into loyal patrons. I am not saying building a mobile app will solve all your problems. However, yes, with a mobile app, you’ll be able to stay in touch with your customers at all times. Moreover, whenever the customer faces a problem, they know that someone will be there to guide them.

Does your business have a mobile app? Let’s build one for you

3) Value for Customers

A pressing concern for brands is to digitize their loyalty programs and create ease for their customers. Instead of making your customers remember their points, you can store the reward points in a digital wallet and reward them whenever they feel like using those points.


This can be a great initiative for customers to download the app and share it with their friends. If the customer can refer your real estate app to their friends and they buy through you, give your customer some reward. Alternatively, add some points to their wallets. Customers can use these points as discounts when they buy a property from your app. Implementing a relational Net Promoter Score (rNPS) system could further enhance customer engagement and satisfaction measurement.

4) A Direct Marketing Channel

Generally, a mobile app will serve various functions. They can provide pricing, features, user accounts, general info, the latest news, and much more.
One of the core benefits of having a mobile app is that you’ll be able to provide special sales promotions directly to your customers.

Through push notifications, you’ll be able to get close to your customers and quickly remind them about your products and services that might pique their interest.

5) Outfox your Competitors

The best time to plant a tree was twenty years ago. The second best time is now.

There were more than 197 billion app downloads in the previous year. Moreover, the number is growing insanely every year. Regardless of whether your competitors have a mobile app or not, this is your chance to make an impact and capture some solid leads.


A professional real estate mobile app will give you an edge over your competitors. There will be much room to play with. You can experiment with marketing and secure more leads by not even moving outside your office.

6) Transform your App into a Social Platform

If you can transform your mobile app into a social media platform, customers will feel more engaged. Most people log in to their social media to watch what their friends are up to. If you give them exactly that in your app, it will be easier for customers to buy properties while catching up with their friends on social media.

Include features like comments, likes, photo sharing, and in-app messaging. Additionally, what you can do is give customers the ability to log in from their social media platforms. This approach will boost customer engagement, sales, and monetization.

7) An Extended Version of your Website

Most business owners ask this question, ‘I have a functioning website, do I need a mobile app developer as well?’ Developing a mobile app should be to extend the offering of the website. A website attracts customers, while a mobile app builds loyalty.

A website requires a client to fire up a browser and type in the URL, while the mobile app can be accessed in a matter of a few taps. On a website, you can give detailed information about the brand – the videos, photos, and how-to. While a focused app cuts to the chase and leads customers directly to action.

8) Instant Feedback

While buying the house of your dreams, every nook and cranny must click with you. However, if you don’t find something amusing, you can always get instant feedback from the customer and give a custom recommendation.

Usually, real estate agents are difficult to reach on the go. Sometimes they are busy, and other times they promise to call you back but never make good on their promise. However, with a mobile app, it will be easier to get instant feedback from customers. Direct feedback from a customer can help you provide a better solution to them.


Realtors are growing their business with mobile apps. Instead of hiring a real estate agent, it is better to invest in an app and shrug off all your worries.

Just give us a call, and we will develop a real estate app that will surely help your business thrive.

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