Money making apps that don’t exist, but they should!

Money making apps

Under normal circumstances, I have a thing for transatlantic flights. Sure, there is something fascinating about taking off from one place and being transported to another land, while you fly high over the clouds. But other than that, I take a secret pleasure in being able to watch all the movies and seasons that I can without being disrupted. And that too, without having to pay a dime.

This dawned on me once while traveling on a flight to London. I was vexed when I noticed that my seat-back screen was busted and refused to work.

Yeah, yeah, I know, this is not a #firstworldproblem. But, still wouldn’t it be great that with so much technology around, some app could’ve warned me that the screen at 22F was broken and I have a choice to switch to another seat.

Once, I took my kids to Disney World. I was in seventh heaven to see that there was an app which kept me updated on how long the line was for each ride. How could it have predicted that? Simple. The fellow visitors keep tapping in the estimated wait times which they’re expecting before their turn comes.

Now, consider this. If you’re looking for money making apps and develop an app which does not exist yet, how much can you earn? Firstly, you’ll get the beginners advantage. Secondly, you can drive the people in your preferred direction.

Before you start looking for an agency to develop a money-making app for your brand, here are some app ideas which can help you take your next vacation in the Fiji island:

Parking Spot: You’ve just missed your lunch and important meeting because you saw a free parking space from your window, but sadly when you got there, the spot was taken. Well, not anymore. With an app, the last driver can let you know that the driving spot is full and there is no need to leave home or office before any new free spot arrives.

The movie is full: We are all familiar with that feeling of utter despair when you go to the movies only to be told at the ticket counter that your favorite movie was already sold-out and even worse, so was the next show. An app can tell you when a show gets sold-out and reveal the timings for the next show, as well as how many slots were empty in the cinema. The same app can warn you about issues such as a wet floor, air-conditioner not working, and a run-down projector beforehand so that you don’t come across surprises that could ruin your experience.

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Save my time: There are tons of money making apps out there but if you want to make some real money, get serious about developing this app. You breeze out at the airport just because your flight is about to take off and upon reaching the counter, you realize that the line is bafflingly long. How about an app like Disney which can send you alerts on how the queue is progressing?

Black Friday Deals: Black Friday is fun if you get your favorite tv on discount, but what if you reach the store in high spirits, only to find out that the product you were vying for became out of stock. It is utterly exasperating to fight your way through the throngs and while away a better part of your day, only to return empty-handed. With a Black Friday Deals app, people can receive alerts on their phones about the quantity of each product still in stock.

Restroom-is-Ready: When we talk about money making apps, if some app can turn you into a millionaire, this is the app you can bet your life on. What is more frustrating than having to rush to a public toilet and panicking upon finding no soap or toilet paper? How about developing an app which can trigger a warning when the restroom is out of order or runs out of toiletries?

Make this dish: Do you have a special friend coming over for dinner but don’t know what to cook with the ingredients that you already have in your pantry, instead of having to rush to the grocery store? Here is an app which can help you come up with a dish using the ingredients that you already have in your house.

Last Minute Flight: If you’re not a regular traveler, there is a possibility that you don’t know which airlines are offering last minute discounts. Well, not anymore. With the Last-Minute Flight app, you can let people know about the last-minute discounts that the airline is offering to cover-up the flight costs.

Fast-Forward-Please: I am a movie buff. I like to watch movies in my free-time. But the only problem I face is that sometimes I don’t have enough time to go through the entire movie, which makes the movie less entertaining. I haven’t heard of any money-making apps that can fast-forward a movie to the important scenes which drive the core plot of the movie.

Run the music: You want your run to be pleasant, you want to listen to some rock and roll song? Well then friend, you better be running. This app will track you, make sure you keep up the pace and just auto-pause when you decide to give up. Think of it as just a little extra motivational boost to get in shape.

The concluding remark

Even though there is a plethora of money-making apps out there, these are some fresh ideas which haven’t been explored yet. It just takes an idea to change your mind. If you’re willing to take the risk and develop that money-making app, how will you know that it won’t succeed? Try, try again until you can enjoy your next vacation in Fuji Island.

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