Engaging Ideas To Create Remarkable Mobile App Experiences For Users


We have all been to the beach, haven’t we? It’s a bright sunny day and you are idly lounging on the shore, content to watch the waves wash over seashells on the shore. The gentle breeze caresses your skin, rejuvenating you from the inside out.  This is when you see a bunch of guys excitedly running by with their surfboards latched to their sides; you just realize they are in for a lifetime mobile app experience, all prepared to battle the waves.

How do you long to join the pack… if only you had some way to get your hands on the right fitting gear and jump right in! If only you had a mobile app that could’ve allowed. You to book your favorite gear and get it delivered to your location for minimal rent. You could’ve easily dropped it back to their shack on your way back! Sounds like a crazy idea doesn’t it? That’s how the craziest ideas come to the realization, to gratinate some unfulfilled urge.

7 Engaging Ideas To Create Mobile App Experiences For Users

Planning a startup? Here are some great mobile app ideas that will open new doors to business.

Health Inspection App

We all love our health too much and to keep ourselves in good shape, we try to reach out and visit our healthcare practitioners regularly. A good health inspection app will allow you to set your appointments, so you can get proper healthcare attention. A good health inspector will automatically save your doctor’s number and based on the duration of time, book an appointment for you and send you a text message to notify you. The user will then receive an update on the confirmation of their appointment.


Send Special Gift Apps


We all have someone close to our hearts and they are the dearest to us. Once in a while, you must send them gifts to make them feel special. A special gifting app will allow you to send nice presents to your loved ones. Think about an app that can connect you with local florists, small gift vendors, patisseries, etc. Imagine you launch a mobile app that allows users to specify the type of emissary they wish to dispatch and then pull information about their beloveds from social media, so you can easily pick the desired one to deliver.

Travel & Tourism App


Scouting out the best activities and places to visit when you are on vacation can be quite a bummer. Here’s a great idea for all those residing in some tourist-attracting country; develop your own travel and tourism app that pinpoints famous tourist spots, restaurants, and other popular places within the vicinity of the area a tourist is visiting. Moreover, you can also go one step ahead and offer them informative tidbits on the monuments of historical and cultural value.

Be Your Own Cook App


Well, you cannot get your mom to fix you a perfect meal when the hunger pangs strike all your life. Growing up indeed has its drawbacks! You still crave some of those juicy recipes, don’t you? Well so will your visitors.

Create a mobile app that allows visitors to access their favorite homemade food recipes. So they can replicate their favorites right at home. Make an ingredient checklist that will enable your visitors to easily purchase all the necessary items that they need to concoct the dish from your website.

You can even optimize the app a step further by asking users to check the ingredients that they do have and connect them with the right recipe that they can whip up with what they have.

Interior Design App


We all love to deck out our homes to create a perfect haven of reprieve. Aesthetically pleasing indoor decor can give you the perfect sense and feel of comfort that you have always desired. However, home renovation can quickly go southwards when you have to purchase various paraphernalia from different stores and have no idea of how the result will turn out. With the right interior design mobile app, you can decorate your home perfectly, so it becomes visually appealing.

You can allow users to let their imagination run wild in a virtual room, add carpets of their own choice, pick the perfect curtains, and the right wall paints to complement the furniture, and drag and drop all other necessary products that will set the right tone for your room, until you have designed the space of your dreams and everything comes together impeccably. This is when you connect them with the right vendors to enable them to purchase their chosen products.

Automated Security Control App


Most corporate businesses and commercial shops are powered by fully automated security systems. Some even prefer to integrate infallible security solutions in their homes. If only you could give customers, the liberty of handling these automated security systems with just an app! Imagine you design a mobile app that enables users to control all the security features of their homes with a Wi-Fi connection. With just a single tap, they can enter their premises, close the blinds, or activate an alarm. You can also control camera views remotely and observe the activity around your house. All this and more on just your smartphone.

Car Parking App

Are you on your way to your favorite shopping mall during a shopping frenzy season? Maybe you prefer to travel to a nearby mart that is almost always packed to the brimming? Can you easily find the nearest spot to park your vehicle? If you are someone who struggles to find a viable parking spot, you can consider how many others are out there just like you.

Here’s how you can resolve their dilemma: you can create a mobile app to help them find the best nearby parking spot using a GPS. With this app, you will be able to find the right spot quickly and eventually park your car without wandering around aimlessly.


Wrapping it Up

Having a great idea is just the first step toward building a remarkable mobile app for a business. What matters the most is how you execute the plan and have people meet your specific requirements. You will need UI/UX designers and developers, brand strategists and marketers, and a lot of other people to eventually bring a good idea into existence.

Irrespective of the idea you hold, one thing that you will need for sure is a robust mobile app development firm. Branex is a custom mobile app development company empowered to create a mobile application that best caters to your expectations. Do you have a plan or a ground-shattering idea? Let’s discuss and make your next big dream possible.

Ashad Rehman

Ashad is a Senior Content Producer at Branex Marketing, an experienced writer in the field of web design & digital marketing.