Lucrative Mobile App Development Ideas for Business During the COVID-19

Mobile App Development Ideas for Business

With the surge of mobile app users around the world, specifically during the COVID-19 period, entrepreneurs and businesses must capitalize on mobile apps to promote their business operations. We are living in a time where mobile apps hold a high significance. Approximately 95% of the individuals around the world own a smartphone and they have plenty of mobile apps.

Believe it or not, the average individual prefers to use mobile apps more than a website.

With so much surge of mobile apps in the digital market, entrepreneurs must capitalize on the right business ideas and make the best of what they can during the pandemic.

That’s why I have taken the time to perform thorough research on what can work best for businesses.

Are you planning to invest in building a profitable mobile app?

Here are Some Business Ideas to Consider:

Video Calling Apps

video calling apps for business ideas

The requirement to stay connected with your loved ones during the grave hour of the pandemic has become a necessity for individuals around the world. And nothing serves the purpose more effectively than a video calling app. It has become more important than ever during COVID-19.

It’s because people worldwide are in a strict lockdown, yet they have to communicate professionally. They have to ensure things are sailing smoothly in a proper & systemized manner around the world. And with the right video calling app, they can make the most of this work-from-home opportunity.

Businesses can invest in creating video calling apps that can facilitate the group video call feature. This feature can assist office employees in holding video call conferences for meetings. At the same time, it can assist teachers in conducting classroom sessions where they could easily educate a group of students. People can also hold webinars as well as to perform live presentations and do whatnot.

Mobile Payment Gateway App


With physical distancing becoming the new norm, people are preferring to make online transactions more and more rather than physically visiting places to trade in cash for service/product. And nothing captures the attention of the economy more feverishly than a mobile payment gateway app to help. Perhaps online payment gateway apps are the most effective method of making multiple transactions easily without having physical contact. And there’s no more effective time than now to invest in this.

Maintaining the element of trust, safety, and security of your customer finances, the perfect mobile payment gateway app can serve millions of transactions easily every month, making your app a very profitable option for you. It can easily be integrated as an add-on to other website platforms as well. If you’re planning to invest in building a mobile app, then considering payment gateways is the best bet. 

Fitness Apps


While people are required to spend time indoors because of the rising pandemic situation within the country, people are getting a significantly lesser chance of going outside. At the same time, gyms & parks are also closed, which increases the difficulty for the average individual to work and shed weights. At times as such, they must consider keeping themselves in good shape.

Nothing serves the purpose as incredibly as a fitness app does.

People are more conscious about their health and the right fitness mobile app can help them set up the perfect routine. Many app development firms are now creating a much more interactive experience for house gym enthusiasts in collaboration with expert trainers. They are creating mobile app solutions that allow users to connect with their favorite trainers and initiate the process easily.

If you fail to capitalize on the fitness apps this season, you’re missing out.

E-Commerce Apps


E-commerce has indeed captured a major share of the digital market. It has long taken a stance before the pandemic affected the global population and right now, when we are going through a major outbreak, the need for e-commerce apps has become more eminent than before. As the demand for basic necessities profoundly increases, so does the requirement for mobile e-commerce apps.

People operating in the consumer goods industries are more likely to churn the best results out of the e-commerce mobile apps. For example, if you’re running a grocery store or a drug store in the United States, then an e-commerce mobile app can definitely work wonders for your business. If you want to invest your budget in the right app, then you require the right custom software development company USA to help you with that.

With the right e-commerce app for your business, you can increase profit margins manifolds quickly.

Learning Apps


Last but not least, on our list for the day are learning apps. During the pandemic, many individuals are finding themselves locked inside their homes and are left with no choice but to engage online. Among the many activities that they eagerly perform, learning activity is one that comes as a priority.

With the desire to learn new things, people are seeking new ways to progress forward with their knowledge. And at times as such, what they need is a robust learning application that can help them.

Businesses can invest in creating remarkable learning app experiences for their users.

They can use multiple interesting features which can make an individual’s learning experience better.

In Conclusion

Mobile apps have become quite the norm for average individuals around the world. The above discussed are a few mobile app ideas on which entrepreneurs can easily cash in. Right now, the opportunities to earn are getting scarce. These are trying times and nothing can work more effectively in your favor than a mobile app. Finding the right mobile app development service can be a tricky task, but not with us. Branex is a mobile app development company offering custom mobile app development services at the best price. Are you interested in getting a mobile app for your business as well?

Ashad Rehman

Ashad is a Senior Content Producer at Branex Marketing, an experienced writer in the field of web design & digital marketing.