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How Digital Marketing Can Help In Improvising Marketing Communications


Kyle Kull is a Digital Marketing professional who has served at Philadelphia Phillies, Ready Credit Corporation, and Momentum Digital and is currently working as an SEO Associate for SEOM Interactive.

Kyle completed his degree in Bachelors in Advertising from Temple University. Today, we have Kyle onboard for Branex, to help people learn more about how Digital marketing can help in improving marketing communications:

Branex: Kyle, you have extensive experience in SEO and Marketing, you have also served as a Social Media & Strategic Marketing Analyst at Momentum Digital and SEOM Interactive, tell us a bit more about your experience?

Kyle: Yes. As for my time at Momentum, I worked for Momentum but was in charge of content creation and marketing, as in traditional marketing and also digital marketing using social media platforms and outreach. Currently, at SEOM Interactive, I’m an SEO Associate responsible for site audits, citation clean-ups, competitive research (searching for backlinks, etc.), keyword research, and writing and implementing tags/meta descriptions. If you have any further questions about my experience, please let me know!

Branex: You mentioned that you have been serving in Digital Marketing for a long time. Tell us about how A/B testing helps to optimize the performance of a Digital Campaign?

Kyle: A/B testing can help one efficiently optimize the performance in a Digital Campaign by monitoring certain portions of the campaign and implementing it to gain the best outcomes and drive overall traffic, thus leading to increased revenue.

Branex: Having years of experience isn’t easy to gain, give us a few tips which helped you in your career to get better at SEO.

Kyle: A simple tip that helped me become better at SEO is to be extremely organized and attentive so that nothing gets by me. Another big thing that strengthened my knowledge regarding SEO is to take some time every day to read an article or watch a clip about a new tool and or a strategy to help me gain an edge in the SEO field.

Branex: SEO community is getting bigger and bigger, who inspired you in this community to opt for Search Engine Optimization?

Kyle: The person who inspired me in the SEO community is someone not many people would know, that person was my Digital Analytics & Reporting professor. I never thought about entering into the digital advertising/marketing arena, but one day he sat me down and told me that I’d be a perfect fit.

Branex: Google Ads and Facebook ads are both great platforms for digital advertising. Which one do you use the most when running campaigns online? And why?

Kyle: I use Google Ads, simply because it reaches a wider audience compared to Facebook which is now often used by an older demographic.

Branex: You mentioned that you were once assigned to the SEPTA key card program which facilitates 800,000 riders daily. How did you deal with such a huge project?

Kyle: I dealt with such a large project by the organization by color coding tasks by priority and simply with just teamwork.

Branex: What do you think junior SEOs should focus more on while starting a campaign for any brand? And who should they take as their inspiration?

Kyle: I personally think that Junior SEOs should focus on the basic fundamentals and then climb the ladder to more of a technical standpoint because many people often overlook the basics. They should take those who guide them and lead them in the right career path as inspiration no matter what their path is.

Branex: Kyle, you have been a great resource for our audience, tell our audience how Branex can help Businesses have better communication on digital media? and how can Digital Marketing be beneficial in branding a brand over the internet?

Kyle: Digital marketing can be beneficial in branding your business over the internet simply because the majority of times when people look to utilize a service, they turn to the internet and the vast majority enjoys unhindered access to a phone, laptop, and tablet.

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