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Top 10 Typography Trends You Can’t Afford to Miss In 2018

Be it logo design, web design or graphic design, trends evolve so quickly that it often becomes impossible to keep pace, even for those working in the industry.  Akin to colors, typography has the power to generate emotions and can tell a lot about your brand personality. Due to this, it is important to choose typography aligning well with your brand personality, especially when it comes to your logo, website or graphics.

Before choosing a typeface for your website design or logo, it is important to know what is hot in the typeface industry and what has become obsolete. This can help you choose the font that people will fall in love with and you can get maximum engagement as a result. Here is an infographic that highlights the ten biggest typography trends for 2018. Read on and set yourself up for digital design success in 2018.

Typography Trends 2018

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