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How Website Designing impacts your Branding & Social Media?

Are you one of those mediocre companies that consider website design as an integral part of your branding strategy? If yes, let me correct you right at the start. This is a myth that is grilling your business in more than one ways. Web design, no doubt have a vital important from an aesthetic point of view, comprehends much more. From branding of your website to generating leads on your website, your website design affects the entire internet presence.

Start with the important question

Many of the professional website design agencies consider web design an imperative element, but do you really know why? Let us dive into reality and answer this question.

It is time to stop the shallow answers and start analyzing the facts. Yes, Web Design matters – but why? And how can it impact the aspects of your business?

The Importance of Good Web Design

The most surprising revelation was that design elements are exponentially more powerful than the content. When in a survey asked by users what makes the users mistrust the website, 94% of the people said it is related to web design elements, while only 6% referred as specific content.

Here are some of the elements that are concluded from the website:

  • Complex layout
  • Pop-up advertisements
  • Small fonts that are hard to read
  • Boring website design
  • Lagging load time

Web design might not the most important on your list, but it surely is the most vital one you need. When asked in a survey why people leave a particular website, 83% of the people responded due to lack of attractiveness in the design. Participants liked sites that were informative, relevant, fresh, clear, and unbiased. They specifically enjoyed when sites gave age-specific information and provided answers for frequently asked questions.

The long-term Effects of Web Design

Both the web design and content are important. And most importantly they go hand-in-hand. Without quality design, your visitors won’t take out precious time to go through the content even if it is written by best of writers. According to Darryl Stevens, CEO at DigiTech, a web design and internet marketing firm in Austin, Texas, “Web design must be viewed through the lens of your entire business, or it will fall flat.” And while your site design should satisfy human eyes, it also impacts other areas of your business – specifically SEO, branding, and conversion rates.

Analyzing Brands in term of Web Design

This is one of the most important distinctions you need to make in terms of web design. Your website design is not the brand, but it is one of the elements that portray your brand to build trust among the audience.

According to researcher Jared M. Spool, branding is an investment that grows over time with the end goal of getting people to say, “That’s a product or service I trust.” He claims “brands are perceptions” and “brand elements, such as names, logos, tag lines, trademarks, and packaging, are shortcuts to those perceptions.”

It is important to note that your design affects the conversion rate. If you pay attention to the following elements it will add some value to your design:

Navigation:  It’s easy to understand how navigation and accessibility related to conversion rates. Websites that present challenges to visitors will likely lose their interest, while intuitive site structure encourages users to continue browsing.

Wording: According to an infographic by, the wording you use in calls-to-action have a direct impact on conversion rates. Specifically, including the word ‘free’ when asking people to sign up or download something has been shown to increase conversions by as much as 4.2 percent.

Color: You could study color and perception for years, but the most important takeaway is that color matters. Research suggests big, red, and bold is good for headlines, while navy helps develop a feeling of trust when used in a call-to-action button.

Branding with respect to Social Media

Your Social Media presence is one of the core elements that represent your brand. Whatever you do in social media gets labeled with your brand. It is wise to develop campaigns that really show-cause personality of your brand. Your target should be to match the personality of your brand with the personality of your potential customer.

The Bottom Line

In conclusion, it’s important that you understand the full impact of web design. It isn’t simply a preference or minor choice. From SEO and branding to conversion rates and more, your site’s web design plays a major role in how your brand is perceived by consumers everywhere.

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