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How To Promote Your Shopify Store On Social Media And Sleep Like A Baby?

promote Shopify social media

Everyone is an entrepreneur, but everyone is not the same. As a serial entrepreneur, I can tell you that it is an act of bravery to leave your 9-5 job and start a business in Shopify.

When I started my first business – an eCommerce store, no one knew how things would go. We were excited to enter this uncharted territory.

Our team was technically sound, but we had insufficient skills to deal with an actual customer. To put the long story short, just after five months, I was back on a 9-5 job.

The first few months after letting go of the eCommerce store were a bit tough. But at least I’ve learned how to set up an eCommerce store, which was enough motivation for me.

Back then setting up an eStore wasn’t as easy as it is now. Today, there are tons of eCommerce platforms that you can set up on your laptop and develop an online store even if you don’t have any coding skills.

If you’re exploring platforms for your upcoming venture or already have a store that’s based on Shopify. Some of the store owners who have leveraged Shopify must be enjoying healthy sales and then there would be those who are not.

This article is for those who are not satisfied with their Shopify-based store. On average, every shopper has around ten stores to choose from before they make the final decision. You need to continually remain on your toes to find new ways to convert online shoppers into customers, especially when you have to promote new products.

When you have worked so hard on coming up with a new product, you want it to receive as much love from the customers as you have given it, and for that, you need a strategic approach to product marketing.

To maximize your business’s customer reach, you must use the power of social media, which has unbelievable targeting capabilities for online marketers. With a social media strategy at your disposal, you can go granular when targeting the exact buyer persona who should see your products.

To promote your Shopify store, you must reach people of all ages, genders, hobbies, interests, and all the connected pages. There’s a ton of data that you can find inside the analytics of social media platforms and it offers many untapped opportunities to promote your e-commerce business on Shopify.

Shopify powers more than 800,000 stores online with a humongous sale of $100 billion. The possibilities with Shopify are endless if you know that your product has what it takes to become a hot cake and is marketed to the right audience.

5 Best Strategies to Promote Your Shopify Store on Social Media:

Here are some fantastic strategies to promote your Shopify store on social media:

1) Use Mesmerizing Videos

It doesn’t matter if you make the most delicious cake or sell high-quality clothes online if you don’t showcase these products online, how will customers know what you are selling?

Strong banners are good but a powerful video of a brand’s offerings is even better. Incorporating trends relevant to your audience in the video will engage your customers on a deeper level.

Take a look at Burger King’s recent campaign in which they have introduced the ‘Hopper Deal’ based on a character from everyone’s beloved Stranger Things TV series. The fonts, imagery, narration, and colors used; the whole package follows a retro theme that the audience can instantly relate to.

Genius-level tip: Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are great sources to grab people and drive them to your Shopify store. Make enticing videos and ensure that there is a trackable URL that can help you to analyze the source of the traffic and customers.

2) Stay Hyper-active on Social Media

What is that one thing that keeps Huawei fans glued to their computer screens on the launch day? 

The feeling that ‘I want to see the product first.’ The brands are using live video when launching a product. You can build that same curiosity months before the launch of a new product or a category. Give them videos, and teasers of the coming product attractions reeling them in!

influencer advertising for Shopify Store

A good campaign doesn’t end there. You need to make sure you’re familiarizing and educating your shoppers about the product post-launch. With social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, it is easy for marketers to work on product launches. Brands must focus on creating hype about product launches on social media, which would keep the audience engaged and talking about the brand.

Genius-level tip: Seek successful influencers. Offer some discounts or compensation to these influencers and in return, request them to develop unique content that both subtly incorporates your brand and entertains the audience as well. Use this content on various social media platforms.

3) Start Selling on Instagram

Instagram is much more than taking and posting gorgeous photos of your travels and selfies, following your favorite celebs, and posting updates on your Instagram story. You can make money on it, too.

According to a recent report, 75% of Instagram users take action, such as visiting a website or making a purchase, after looking at Instagram ads. Check this mind-blowing example from Calvin Klein that shows how to display your product on Instagram.

Genius-level tip: Make every Instagram post or story a shopping experience. Let shoppers browse and buy directly from Instagram. Add product stickers to any of your stories or tag your products in posts.

4) Use the Power of Facebook Messenger Marketing

63% of consumers believe that a business must be on Messenger. Moreover, it’s not surprising that the open rate of messages sent on Facebook Messenger is close to 84%.

Along with web push notifications, one leverage that brands can get from Facebook is their messenger. Seek prospects who are interested in your product and pitch them an automated message. Start the conversion with a chatbot, and you can take over when the prospect seems interested. Here is a perfect example of a Chatbot interacting with a customer.

Facebook Messenger Marketing for Shopify Store

Genius-level tip:  You can reach out to your users with appealing offers like limited-time free shipping on your new range of products, using Facebook Messenger. You can use creative images or short videos of the product to make your message more interactive and fun.

5) Add the New Products on the Facebook Shop

You can create a Facebook shop section specially to promote your Shopify store on social media. The option makes it easy for users to browse products side by side using social media, and if the product is right, they might even refer you to their friends.

Ensure that you upload clear and appealing graphics and have a purchase button so that users can make a direct purchase from Facebook.

Facebook Shop for Shopify Store

Genius-level tip:  Don’t upload too many products at the start. Upload a few and check the response. Analyze which of the products are doing well and focus on uploading similar products. If a specific category is not performing well, replace it with another one.


You could be launching the latest, excellent new products; however, not getting the word around in time could spell massive expenditure with little or no returns. Using practical tips from this post, you can alleviate the challenge of introducing something new to your audience. From firing up their curiosity levels to getting them interested in buying and advocating your brand. These tips mentioned above will help you crack your launch smoothly.

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