Disney+ vs. Netflix: Are You Planning To Switch? Everything You Need To Know

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If you are from the 90’s, this will bring back some of your fondest memories. After elbow greasing the entire week, Friday was one day when the family gathered around to watch a movie. With a list in mind, you would scour the aisles of video stores to pick the perfect movie. However, instead, you would often leave with two or three films and a basketful of popcorn. Why not? You had the whole weekend to watch these movies on Disney+ or Netflix streaming platforms.


This was before April 14, 1998. While everyone was busy watching movies, a startup in Scotts Valley launched a website, called The aim was to eliminate the need to peruse aisles physically. In a virtual aisle, you can browse for the latest releases for a few bucks apiece, and have these DVDs delivered right to your doorstep in a red envelope. The DVDs had to be returned via the mail in the same packaging after 7 days.

This might sound a bit ironic, but at that time in a VHS-dominated world, not everyone had DVD players. Only a few people were able to avail of this new DVD rental service. Luckily, the founders had the foresight to take the leap and their vision was right: eventually, 95% of all households had a DVD player!

The company began with a humble 30 employees. Gina Keating in her fantastic book, Netflixed, sheds light on everything that goes on in the minds of the founders.

With everything going around, the company had to make that switch. Unlike Kodak, Netflix was smart enough to recognize the market gap and bridged it by offering an online streaming service. Instead of making massive changes, Netflix focused on increasing the amount of content on the website. This sharp intelligent tactic brought more subscribers.

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At present, with 9.6 million subscribers added in the first quarter of 2019 – the Netflix tribe has reached 149 million worldwide subscribers.

However, the news is that there is a new kid on the block. Moreover, that kid might steal away 8.7 million subscribers from Netflix. The new kid is quite popular with kids. Say hello to Disney+.

In the battle raging on between Disney+ vs. Netflix: Are you willing to make that switch? 14% of people are planning to do so and cancel Netflix. Some are even considering subscribing to both services.


Netflix Vs. Disney: Here are Some Core Differences

  • Netflix is a treasure trove of content from every other studio, in addition to its own. Disney, on the other hand, is only featuring its original films and television shows on its service.
  • While Disney+ aims to include Falcon, Winter Soldier, and Loki, Netflix aims to grab its audience with fan-favorite TV shows and films not available under the Disney umbrella.
  • Disney+ is also planning to catalog its site with Pixar movies and the National Geographic channel. Netflix, on the other hand, is not in the mood to include anything with a Disney tag on it.
  • Of course, Netflix holds an upper hand when it comes to trust while Disney+ cannot predict how the audience will respond to Disney+ Vs. Netflix war.
  • Disney+ is more focused on kids and to an extent offers a family-friendly fare, while Netflix allows a much broader assortment of content ranging from kids to family and adults.
  • Netflix operates with an ageless company culture, which is nearly impossible to beat.

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Disney+ vs. Netflix: Which is Cheaper?

Disney Plus is priced at $7 per month. While Netflix still stands on its $11 per month. However, the reports suggest that with this pricing model, Disney Plus will not be able to break even in the first five years.

There is news that Disney is planning to bundle live TV with sports in Disney+. However, the cost is still a mystery.

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Some Disheartening Facts for Netflix Fans

  • With an overabundance of Netflix subscribers, many companies are starting their standalone services. If this happens, a lot of top-shelf movies and TV shows will disappear from the mainstream.
  • Disney’s deal with Netflix expired in 2018. With Disney+ all set for the launch, Disney has announced that it no longer deals with Netflix. From November 2019 onwards, all the Disney movies will be featured on Disney+ alone.
  • Other than Jessica Jones and The Defenders, Netflix doesn’t plan to acquire any other series by Marvel while Disney+ will be getting much of the Marvel universe.
  • Looking at the bright side, Netflix gets its hands on all the original content that gets released day after day.
  • Netflix has proven itself as a reliable service when it comes to original content. Disney+ shows and movies have an unpredicted trust factor, which can be antagonizing for Netflix.

A thought-provoking thing to consider is that while Disney has allocated $1 Billion for Disney+ marketing, Netflix plans to invest a gargantuan $14 Billion in its marketing to compete with Disney+.


Disney alone cannot compete with Netflix, but the possibility of combining Disney+ with Hulu and ESPN+ can surely give Netflix a run for its money, as Netflix doesn’t plan to expand in sports or live TV.

People might consider going with a service that gives TV and movies in one package. This is perfect for users who plan to see cable-style service with TV and movies.

Disney hinted at this strategy, but they haven’t revealed the price of the whole package.

I am a Netflix devotee, and I don’t plan to cancel its subscription. However, I would love to try Disney+ and its offerings.

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