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Here’s How You Can Design High-Conversion Landing Pages using the Fogg’s Behavior Model

One of the best ways to measure the credibility of a website is to observe the level of influence it has on its visitors. Most website designers leverage the power of impressively designed landing page to instantly convert mere visitors into customers.

But, before we get into the details of how one should design high-conversion landing pages, we need to understand what constitutes a human behavior and how we can influence it.

In my opinion, the simplest behavior model is the Fogg’s behavior model described by a Stanford professor as the J.B. Fogg Behavior Model. His behavior model is accepted in the field as one of the most trusted and one of the most significant behavior models.

It’s one of the primary behavior models where most consumer psychologists direct their attention towards factors that motivate a person and trigger a behavior.

Let’s explain how the model works using an example,

Imagine you are alone enjoying a peaceful dinner with yourself, suddenly you hear a knock on the front door… and ethically speaking, you should have gotten up to answer the door, but you did not!

Why not?

Maybe, you are scared who might it be or maybe you are trapped in the washroom and your keys are lost. Maybe, you wanted to get the door, but your favorite show was on the television or maybe you weren’t just in the mood to answer the door.

Now, here’s the thing! Some of these responses to triggers (the knock on the door) sound legitimate, while others simply show the respondent lacked the motivation to respond.

According to Fogg’s theory of human behavior,

“Behavior is dependent on three things at the same time; Motivation, Ability, Trigger”

  • Motivation – The motivation to act on a trigger.
  • Ability – The ability to perform that action.
  • Trigger – A reason that compels to act.

As you can see, a person is only triggered to perform an action when the reason to perform that an action is highly motivating, and the ability required to perform that action is easy.

In case, the reason to perform a specific action is boring and the ability to perform that action is difficult, then according to Fogg’s theory, the behavior trajectory ultimately fails to pass the activation threshold.

This results in no action being performed.

In the light of this theory, it is essential to understand that most landing pages on the Internet fail to convert visitors just because they aren’t motivational or simple. Hence, the response to triggers turns into complete failures.

You want important triggers and we are here to help you get there. So, without any further ado, let’s delve in.

Create High-Conversion Landing Pages with Killer Headlines

Do you know you have only 2.6 seconds to grab the attention of your customers and browse them to your value proposition? Sounds like a small window. I’m sure you want your customers to stick around and explore your product offering. For that to happen, what you need is a powerful headline. A strong headline should have the following elements:

  • It should be short with at least 10 words minimum and nothing which exceeds 20 words.
  • It should have the ability to instantly capture the attention of your customer.
  • It should be dot-point marketing the value of your respective product or service.

In other words, your website should be simple and attention-grabbing. Here are some nifty examples that can help you achieve desired results.

Some Mind-Captivating Examples of Landing Pages


Formula # 1: Leave them Pondering with a Question?

Check out how QuickSprout nails it by using high impact traffic conversion headlines portrayed in the form of an open-ended question. They readily convert a customer by using an actionable CTA such as “Grow my traffic” on a form, QuickSprout makes sure you sign up on their platform and become a part of their online venture.

Formula # 2: Use a Brand Name to Claim Your Game

If you have associated your brand name with a bigger fish on the market, it’s time to cash that name for your own business benefit. Here’s how FreshBooks is using Forbes Magazine to empower customers! It just cashed the appraisal of “Incredibly User-Friendly” which they earned from Forbes and utilized it in their landing page headline.

Formula # 3: Make a Dot-Point Offer! Set the Scale Up

Lift your visitors moral the same way Lyft is doing right now. If you ever get the chance to visit their official website, I am sure you won’t take much time in getting convinced to sign up on their platform. Using a simple yet powerful “Grab the wheel and start earning” tagline is all that takes to compel users to hit that [Apply to Drive] CTA button.

Did you wonder what is the common association among all three above mentioned headlines? Let’s look it through the magnifying glass scope of the Fogg’s behavior principle.

  • Are these headlines simple to understand? Yes.
  • Are they boring to read or not intriguing enough? No.

Then according to the Fogg’s Behavior curve, the behavior trajectory for these landing page designs have successfully crossed the activation threshold and will ultimately trigger a response.

Looking for a Website that Triggers Response from Customers? Let’s Discuss. 

Real-Time Quantity Updates Can Become the Best Motivators

The urgency to make a purchase can often get the task done for most website owners. If you are running a product-based website or an online e-commerce store, then you can add a limiting counter to your website.

Here, take an example of the official Timberwolf Bay store offering different products online.

Here, as you can see that the 1930s B.B Korn Race Car in Red which costs around $520 are a limited item with only 8 LEFT. On the other hand, Brass Accordion “Headlight” Sconce for $524.99 are all Sold Out. The idea is to empower the customer with the SOLD OUT option and motivate them to make a purchase for an item that’s on a limited sale. Even, if you are not mentally prepared to make a purchase but observing how effectively things are being sold out on the platform, you just might feel compelled to make that purchasing action.

Here’s another example of a website design which utilizes an urgency trigger to get you all hyped up so you end up making a purchase.

The bottom line is that scarcity motivates people to make a purchase because we hate to feel miss out on something which is trending on the market.

Sometimes CTAs Can Have a Powerful Impact than the Proposition Itself

Don’t just keep your website visitors dangling in between. A high conversion landing page design always design CTAs which are on-point. Something which readily communicates with your audience to get the task done instead of a simple “Subscribe Now” or “Get Started” may have a better impact.

At Tom’s, if you join their newsletter channel, they offer you a 10% discount. Even though the message is delivered through and through, I still believe that the secret of converting visitors into potential lead lies in the CTA “JOIN THE MOVEMENT” instead of the message communicated using the page design.

Here’s another example where the website designer has used a “BUILD A MANPACK” with an interesting message as a part of the website design.

Why are Landing Pages Important for Your Website?

HubSpot reveals that more than 48% of the websites on the Internet design a separate landing page to run campaigns for different services. As far as the concern, “why a landing page is important for your website?” is related, different projects have different end goals. Some want to create a profitable niche, while others want to help customers by giving them value! The aim of a landing page is to get that goal scored and land enough traffic on the website, so it becomes a successful venture.

The end objective is always to convert incoming traffic into potential leads.

In a Nutshell

We all want websites that sell our business values to our customers. If we are incapable of doing that, our online ventures are nothing more than failures. Sometimes, it is difficult to accept the fact that a website is underperforming, but the sooner you realize it, the better it is for your business.

Why do most landing pages are not able to convert visitors? It’s because they don’t have the unique element which grabs their attention. Words do play a significant role, but if they aren’t appropriately placed on the website, they might not have the significant impact.

Fogg’s Principle of Human Behavior gives us a lot better insight on how triggers can result in an active response. I hope the above-mentioned examples are of great help to develop your understanding of how high converting landing pages have the right triggers. If you have other examples in mind, shoot us with your comment! We are looking forward to your feedback 🙂

Ashad Rehman

Ashad is a Senior Content Producer at Branex Marketing, an experienced writer in the field of web design & digital marketing.

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