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Having it their way! These awe-inspiring stores are letting customers customize their own products in jaw-dropping ways

When I was in 5th grade, our arts teacher asked us to bring some colored paper, some crayons and pens, a cardboard, a scale, and a bottle of glue to class the next day. I was excited. Something amazing was about to unravel and I couldn’t help but stay on edge the entire evening.

I hardly slept that night. The next day I went to school, brimming over with anticipation with all my paraphernalia safely secured inside a plastic bag. The teacher told us that we will be making our custom recycle bins as an activity. After an hour of hard work, grimy hands, and a sea of discarded cardboard chunks, the end result was fascinating; something we couldn’t stop gloating over for the next several weeks.

inside a plastic bag

And for the next three years, I used my trash bin with care.


Because this was something I made for myself. Something custom built which was not only handy, but reflected my own design aesthetics and was different from everybody else’s.

This is the thing about products and brands. If you’re able to create your own unique shoes, your own bedsheet, or even get a pizza tailored to your choices of toppings, it fills you up with a sense of joy and pride. If you’ve built something yourself, it means all the more to you.

We’re in the business of selling pleasure. We don’t sell handbags. We sell dreams. ~Alain Wertheimer

In this blog post, I will be featuring some brands that took product designing to a whole new level. Instead of selling their ideas to you, these brands hand over their magic sticks to you and let you create your own entrancing products.

Vans – a company established in the year 1970, launched their Vans Custom in the year 2004, allowing would-be-fashion-designers to create their own classic Slip-ons utilizing hundreds of different color and pattern combinations.

In just a few clicks, you will be able to select the material, color, and shoelace of your sneakers, and see the end-product right in front of you.custom design shoes

Once you’re done, you’ll be able to buy your custom-made shoe and show-off your creation to your friends.

If that didn’t get you hopping around in glee, the next one is especially for those young Entrepreneurs who are willing to get their feet wet in launching their own start-ups, but lack the pertinent design skills or the big bucks to create a stellar brand identity. Say hello to LogoCrisp. As the name suggests, this website harnesses your design acumen to create a custom logo for your brand, one that embodies the essence of your business and your own unique touch. The great thing is that the logos procured by this website are at par with those yielded by reputable custom web design agencies.

online custom logo

All you need to do is to input your brand name and select a category for your business. LogoCrisp will custom design your logo and let you customize in terms of colors, taglines, and shapes. You can even doodle in additions that you aspire to incorporate in your logo.

Next-up is BitBeauty – a Canadian cosmetics company specializing in sumptuous and high-end lip care products.

From long-lasting lipsticks to high-gloss lacquers, Susanne Langmuir is helping to bridge the voids in the cosmetics industry by fusing-in the natural and organic ingredients to drive some amazing custom beauty products.

cosmetics industry

It is not just about buying a lipstick. It is about that experience that comes along with the purchase just like being at the Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory. At the Toronto-based natural lip care company, Lip Lab artists hand mix unique pigment combinations, handpicked by you from rows and rows of little pots of pigments, to create two completely original shades, especially fabricated for your lips. Customers get to pair each lip color with a unique scent (super fruit, violet, mango, citrus, vanilla, mint, or cherry) and choice of finish (deluxe, sheer, matte, and crème), in addition to 4 choices of shimmer, and take home their signature lipsticks! Watching all the pigments get sliced, diced, and melted into a new hue is a color-lovers dream come true.

color with a unique scent

Distilling the essence of who you are and what you love into a bottle – Sarah Horowitz is helping customers create a custom, handcrafted fragrance that reflects their desires, emotions, and memories. Recognizing that our favorite scents mirror our tastes and life experiences, Sarah came up with this idea to provide her clients with a once-in-a-life opportunity to create a fragrance that distills their essence into a perfume.

What started in the year 1980 as a hobby, the mixing of various fragrances to come-up with something out of the blue, turned-out to be a full-time business.

The process starts with customers filling a questionnaire asking for their favorite food, season and time of day. These answers help Sarah analyze their body chemistry and present them with a selection of carefully hand-picked notes that they can leverage to create their own signature fragrances.

own signature fragrances

Along the same lines, St.Ives opened up their first ever experiential store in New York for a limited time period in 2017, letting exuberant customers customize body lotions and face scrubs, choosing from over 50 unique natural ingredient combinations, facial scrub exfoliation levels and desired lotion richness. Customers get to add a skin-loving ingredient to their lotion, such as papaya, coconut, or honey, and then a coordinating ingredient, such as lime, akai, peach, or pistachio. Next up, customers take their slip to a mixing bar where the lotion maker concocts your creation right in front of your eyes. Incorporating the ambience of a pristine juice smoothie store, its alchemy at its most drool-worthy yet.

“The introduction of the St. Ives Mixing Bar is an exciting and completely new way for our fans to experience St. Ives,” said Suzanne Palentchar, St. Ives Marketing Director.

Function of beauty believes that your shampoo and conditioner should be as unique as you and your hair. If you fancy good hair and dream of concocting your own custom shampoo, Function of beauty will help you do just that. Just fill a simple questionnaire and you will be given full authority to choose the color, bottle design, and even the scent of your shampoo.

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