A Stellar Customer Experience Strategy is all that Your Business Needs to Grow in 2018

Enhance customer experience to make your business grow

The cutting edge digital innovations seamlessly bridge the gap between the offline and online worlds, nurturing enthralling customer experiences that are personally tailored, socially integrated, interactive, and deeply ingrained in our daily activities. It may be the next big wave of a technological revolution, and at its heart is the most social hobby we partake in: shopping online, of course.

We firmly believe that “Great Service = Delighted Customer = Prosperous Business”. Happy and satisfied customers tend to be more loyal and infallibly stick with brands. In fact, customers are essential to the success of any brand. According to the Chief Scientist of Gallup, Dr. John Fleming, “those companies that financially outperform average companies over the long run are the ones that consistently and simultaneously sustain high levels of customer engagement.”

Customers are the lifeblood of any business, which is why it is important to focus on winning over your potential leads, and retaining the existing ones. Even more important is to consider how to come up with better ideas that deliver stellar customer experiences to them. Therefore, ensuring a captivating experience has become an absolute necessity.Value of enhancing customer experience in a businessIf you treat your customers badly, offer poor UX, ignore their emails, or don’t meet their needs, they are more apt to bounce off your website and never come back. A study shows that 60% of customers are willing to pay more for a better experience. While another study suggests that 74% of marketers believe that customer experience alone greatly influences the willingness of a customer to be a loyal brand advocate.

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But the challenge here is… how to deliver an excellent customer experience?
The expectations of tech-savvy customers are rising at an exponential rate; they expect every interaction as the best experience they can have with any brand regardless of its size, type and industry. Therefore, it’s high time for brands to invest their time, energy, efforts and resources in to cultivating a stellar customer experience.

Here are some effective strategies that help brands create an out-of-the-box customer experience strategy that will surely help improve customer satisfaction, reduce churn rate, and improve ROI. Let’s get into them!

Find out Who Your Target Customers are

Creating a great customer experience is only possible when you know who your target customers are, what they like most, which types of products or services they need, and what genre of content they aspire to read?

It is important to have a comprehensive understanding of their interests, priorities, and needs so that you can better cater your brand in line with your target customers. This customer-centric approach would go a long way towards helping you serve them better, which in turn eventually makes you stand head and shoulder above your competitors. So, determine who your target customers are, what they want and need in order to become a customer-focused company.

Analyze Customers Data

Carefully analyze your customer data so that you can come up with better solutions to solve the needs of your customers. Scrutinize their navigation behaviors, purchasing habits, search queries, demographics and other important data to better understand what your customers want and need. This way, you will be in a better position to create more advanced and strategic solutions that would definitely expand your customer experience.

Mobile First Approach

It’s no secret that mobile experience is an integral part of the customer experience. Consumers, especially millennials and generation z, are heavily relying on mobile devices to interact with any brand they want. According to Statista, mobile now accounts for half of all web pages served globally, up from 43.6% in 2016.
The reason being that more and more companies are optimizing their mobile experience to reach a wider audience. So, put the mobile experience more front-and-center as it can play a great role in your conversion rate optimization, user experience, and user journey.

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Create a Strong Emotional Connection

A great customer experience is only achieved when your brand nurtures a strong emotional connection with a customer. A research asserts that more than 50% of an experience is based on emotions as they can greatly influence the purchase decision. Customers become loyal because they are emotionally attached, and they remember how they feel when they use your product or service.
According to Forbes, “To create valuable, sustainable customer relationships, great brands don’t sell customers on contracts—they seduce them with connections.”
Nike – the world’s most powerful sports brand- provokes their clients by creating an emotional bond which differentiates it from its competitors. It makes an emotional appeal to its target customers through tapping into their inner hero. Have a look at this video that beautifully uses the story of heroism that resonates with their audience.

Offer Excellent Customer Service

In an increasingly mobile world, businesses and brands are always on the lookout for new ways on how they can improve the customer experience. The deployment of chatbots allows brands to boost their customer service efforts tremendously. Chatbots have now become an integral part of the customer experience, and many brands are using chatbots in exciting ways. From booking a table at your favorite restaurant, renting out a hotel room, ordering food and scheduling a flight, to getting tips, chatbots can leave your customers in awe.

Starbucks makes it easier to place an order for your favorite snack or drink by simply sending a text message or using voice commands, and the chatbot will let you know when your order will be delivered.

Ordering Starbucks from mobile application

Sephora – the fashion brand gives its customers an innovative and intuitive experience. You can get makeup tutorials and beauty tips if you converse with a Sephora chatbot on Kik. The virtual assistant also provides product reviews and ratings when you are shopping in a physical store.

Saphora chat example of customer experience

Over to You

Put yourself in your customer’s shoes to make their lives easier and better, and this would leave a positive change in your business growth. Following the above-cited tips and tricks can help you come up with an exceptional customer experience that truly stands out from the pack.

Adam McGriffin