Sayonara Old Rusted Marketing: Brands are Focusing on Customer-Centric Marketing


What started from scratch has a net worth of around 2 billion dollars today. Of course, multiple variables come into motion which helped Amazon succeed, but regardless of everything else, one thing that generated the most revenue was its customer-centric approach to marketing.

Everything that Jeff Bezos did was to create convenience for its customers to marketing. You can follow the same approach to get more traffic and convert them into leads.

Simply. a few years down the road, Google started updating its algorithm. At that time, yearly updates were the norm. However, finally, Google came across a metric that narrated the whole story of why some websites can generate more sales than others.

The one and only, customer-centric approach. This is why the latest algorithm of Google requires marketers to do everything which can cut down on the search time for the customer so that they find everything in a matter of few clicks.

“We see our customers as guests to a party, and we are the hosts. It’s our job every day to make every important aspect of the customer experience a little bit better.” ~Jeff Bezos

What is Customer-Centric Marketing?


It is prioritizing customers over every other thing. By using some data, intuition, and an ounce of common sense, you must gather all the information that your customer is looking for and offer it to them, so that they can come to you and share it with their friends.

Here are four ways in which you can infuse customer-centric marketing into your brand.

See the world from your customer’s lens

You can take a day off without informing your manager. You might be excused. If your idea fails. You might be forgiven. However, if you displease a customer, you’ll be fired. Yes. This is life at Amazon. You don’t just have to serve the customer; you must understand the world from the eyes of the customers.

A marketing person might know everything about your brand but if the customer doesn’t have a clue about your product, you can’t sell them on its merits. Your customer needs to know what your company does at a single glance.

Otherwise, it is just a shiny object on the website.

It is said that the angriest customers teach you the most. When customers get angry at you, it is your chance to either fire them or take it as an opportunity and learn from it.

The modern-day approach is to solve the problem of the customer. If the customer has a problem and you can provide a solution, they will become your loyal customer. And not just any customer; they will become your raving fans.

Entrepreneurs can use psychological triggers to understand what the customers need and serve them. Some brands use urgency to attract customers while others use simple fonts to persuade their customers.

Don’t Make them angry

How many times have you visited a website and left without ordering anything just because it took too much time to pass the shopping cart? Well. I had tons of experiences like these. Moreover, it was quite frustrating for me.

Your customers are on your website to solve a problem or use a service. Please don’t make them second-guess what to do next on your website. Make your website so intuitive that even a simpleton can use it without facing any problem.

The core of any business is to make a sale. If the customer cannot pass your front page, what is the point of developing a website in the first place?

Use Relevant Metrics to understand your customers

Without the right data, it is impossible to understand your audience.

Here are some ways in which you can measure the right metrics of your customers.

Aided Recall

How do customers recall your brand with just a little help? Can they remember it in the first few seconds of the ad or recognize the brand? Is the logo recognizable or are there other colors which are getting more attention?

The aided recall is the measure of how many people have knowledge of your brand and promote the product.

Unaided Recall

Does your brand come to their mind without reminding customers? For instance, when people ask about buying books online, Amazon is something that comes to your mind. Is your brand Amazon of your niche?


How does your brand make customers feel? Do they feel safe, neutral, or negative while purchasing products from your brand?

You can survey your customers and ask them specific questions that relate to the feelings of your brand. This will help you recreate a brand reputation which will be loved by your audience.

Give Customers experience of a lifetime

A lot has been said about generating sales for the business but do our customers love us? If given an alternate option, will your customers leave you? What is the experience you are providing to your customers?

From awareness to the final purchase, ensure that the experience you’re providing is a seamless and consistent one.

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