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Custom Software Development Costs: What to Expect in 2024

Custom software development is beneficial for most businesses, brands, and companies alike. Such software provides personalized solutions that are adaptable, flexible, and scalable. They help streamline all sorts of workflows seamlessly. They are custom as they are designed per each business’s unique requirements. Such software is secure and helps amplify user engagement.

Customized solutions usually require a handsome investment which is made once. In comparison to budget-friendly readymade solutions, custom software solutions are more scalable. The latter helps with improved cost optimization and desirable return on investment (ROI) in the long run.

Numerous software development companies around the world often ask clients about their needs when it comes to software. The budget is decided once the requirements have been decided. At times, the entire software isn’t completely outsourced abroad. Some parts are made in an offshore/nearshore market/partner company and the remainder is made back home.

Each project is not the same. Each project is unique and the budget is not the sole deciding factor. Let us now read more about it.

What is the average expense of software development?


software development-distribution

When determining the average expense of developing software, the answer is never a direct one. It all depends on numerous factors like requirements, features, programming languages used, the experience of developers and engineers on the project, and vice versa. Somehow, rough estimates from experienced developers state that the cost of software creation is between $50K and $500K.

Companies can make software that is not complex for around $50K to $80K. Very complicated software solutions go beyond the budget of $250K. The chosen technology stack, the nation where work is outsourced along with a host of other factors plays a key role in the development, budgeting, scheduling, and deadlines of software development projects.

Interesting statistics and facts regarding software development


Here are some interesting facts about the software development industry and market from business executives at a renowned Dallas-based top custom software development companies:

  • The worldwide outsourcing market will be valued at around $157 billion at the end of 2023.
  • At the end of 2025, almost half of the worldwide data will be stored in the cloud, as per top trends in SaaS (Software as a Service).
  • The global demand for both software developers and engineers has doubled in the previous two years.
  • A lot of companies have willingly raised their cloud spending in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Clojure, Elixir, Erland, F#, Perl, and Ruby are among the topmost lucrative programming languages for software developers.

Things professionals must understand in terms of estimating the cost of software development

estimating the cost of software development

It is key to have a clear idea of aspects of software development. Among them are objectives, the intended target audience/market, and the kind of software project to be made. A clear understanding of these factors can help many when it comes to estimating the precise cost of software development.

The project’s objectives

Both companies and their partner companies alike should work on developing clear business objectives that they want to integrate into the software project. This allows companies to give their clients an accurate project estimation. 

Whether they want to develop solutions for automating processes, require a B2B/B2C portal, or desire to launch a website via custom website development, this helps provide them with worthwhile insights into the breakdown of expenses pertaining to software development.

The intended target audience/market

Companies and their partners should know who will be using their software products/services/solutions. Once they have the answer, this helps them determine the needed features and scalability for the software to be developed. It further helps pave the way for improved market research, as well as identifying compatible technological trends and the like.

The kind of software to be developed

Another significant step in determining the expense and time of software development depends on the kind of project being developed. Some of the most well-known ones are as under:

  • Custom Software Solutions: Making new software solutions can be relatively more expensive than other projects.
  • Improvements in Software Solutions: Making changes to the existing software solutions helps prepare the business in terms of using the latest technology along with evolving requirements.
  • SaaS solutions: This involves the development of new software as a solution to help companies reach a large audience, for marketing their ideas.
  • Software Integrations: When multiple plugins can be added to the existing software to improve functional features, the resultant features are known as software integrations.
  • Web development project: Web development pertains to developing websites, web apps, and progressive web apps (PWAs) under the umbrella of custom web solutions.

Key elements of estimating the cost of custom software development

key-elements-custom software development

Here are some key elements to observe in terms of estimating the cost of developing custom software.

The project’s size

The project’s size and expenses are directly related to each other. The larger the project, the more it costs. There are various complexities and features needed for developing such kind of software. It plays a key role in the software development project.

Here are some kinds of projects to consider:

  • Small-sized projects: These projects require developing simple software ideas or making minor modifications to existing solutions. They cost anywhere between $10K to $50K.
  • Mid-sized projects: The development of mobile and web apps in this area focuses on a handful of functional features. They are used by a limited audience. A major revamp of code also comes under this area. They cost between $50K to $80K.
  • Large-sized/Enterprise projects: Building complex software ideas with top-notch security and performance is a part of enterprise-level projects. These projects are robust and offer a wide array of functional features. If certain segments of the code falter, these projects will keep on working. They also provide 24/7 support which may cost a fortune.

The User Interface Design and User Experience (UI/UX aspect)

Creating a seamless user interface plays a key role in estimating the cost of software solutions. Those who are making a project aimed at automating workflows can leverage handy themes and templates for designing user interfaces.

Yet when the software development is aimed at a specific target audience, they need intuitive user interfaces (UI). Seamless integration of business logic into UI designs needs a lot of hard work from the user experience (UX) team. It does involve countless hours of work. Yet it does pay off quite well in the long run.

The project’s features

Companies can always research similar apps and websites to analyze the software concepts and ideas. Making a list of all the essential software features can help people determine the most accurate development cost for the project.

The technology stack chosen

Various kinds of software projects are compatible with various programming and scripting languages. The cost of custom software and custom mobile app development goes up when Python is used as a programming language. This language helps developers integrate emerging technological trends easily. It also ensures smoother integration of AI and ML with Python frameworks and libraries.

PHP development teams are suitable for mid-sized and large-sized projects. Moreover, each project needs the integration of numerous third-party solutions, frameworks, libraries, and the like. 

JavaScriot technologies can similarly help with the development of cost-effective and highly scalable solutions with Node.js used for server-side programming as well as React/Angular for front-end development.

Emerging technologies can impact

emerging-technologies-custom software development

Integrating artificial intelligence, machine learning, augmented reality, chatbots, and other emerging technologies can raise the overall expenses of custom software development. Making use of ready-made solutions like handy libraries and third-party extensions can help companies equip themselves with such technologies without spending a fortune.

Handy tips for optimizing the overall cost of custom software development

Now is also a good time to observe worthwhile tips for optimizing the cost of custom software development:

Taking advantage of outsourcing in nearshore and offshore markets

Outsourcing the custom software project to a company in a nearshore or offshore market is one way of ensuring the development of affordable and customized solutions. Companies can also outsource certain project parts to overseas companies and markets. 

Developers in those countries do cost a fraction of what it costs in the mainland United States, United Kingdom, and Canada to develop custom software solutions. Developers in India, Thailand, Jamaica, Brazil, Morocco, Argentina, Colombia, Panama, and Costa Rica can start from USD 15-25 per hour. This costs less than what developers earn in Developed countries.

Developing the minimum viable product?

A minimum viable product (MVP) helps kickstart the project at an optimized budget. It is only developed with key features to test the concepts’ feasibility and viability in the market. Prototype development is synonymous with MVP development which can help companies save a lot of expenses. It can also provide deep insights into the usability of such solutions.

Deploying Agile

A badly chosen software development model can take a heavy toll on both the company and its client. This is why going Agile helps provide scope for parallel development cycles. It helps remove bugs before the project’s production phase begins. The outcome is top-quality code free of bugs right from the beginning.


The right custom software development company can provide clients with the right hands-on experience in the implementation of business ideas with seamless and streamlined solutions. They can also quickly identify the project’s feasibility which in turn helps them select the correct technology stack for creating the best software solution possible.

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