How Best Buy and Other Brands Adopted Digital Transformation In Their Business?

One of the most important factors for any business to survive and thrive in the modern-day competitive market is the idea of staying relevant and delivering products/services in the right way to their desired audiences. Back in the days when selling products depended on traditional brick & mortar stores, reaching out to your desired audience was a task usually involving traditional methods of sales and advertising. If you wanted to sell, the best way of doing it was by reaching out to your target audience through digital media and mass media campaigns, billboards, brochure distributions, or word of mouth.

Fast forward to today, and things have now changed. Businesses are now utilizing new media such as social media platforms and other web channels to sell their products/services. They are using modern-day communication tools to interact with them digitally to serve their respective needs. Data and trends have enabled marketers to identify where their target market is and instead of expending a great fortune of the budget in a diverse marketing campaign. They can now narrow down their marketing practices to target a particular area of customers to sell.

The idea of detailed target marketing through digital means is one of the ways how digital transformation is impacting our lives and changing the habits of how we perform business with others.

Today, I am going to discuss how some of the businesses have transformed their efforts by introducing digital transformation within their business practices. Are you eager to learn how some of the famous companies such as Target, Porsche, and Best Buy have increased their stock price percentage with digital transformation agencies? It’s time to explore it with us. Without further ado, let’s begin.

Target Remodeled 400 Stores Digitally to Provide Better Experience


Back in 2004, want things were only entering the folds of the digital world. Target thought it would be a great idea to outsource its web presence to Amazon. But as things progressed with time, Target saw what potential the e-commerce market held and took back the reigns in 2011. Since then, Target has worked at remodeling its 400 stores, an eight-year process, and has introduced online ordering, in-store pick-ups, and many new aspects of selling businesses using modern-day technology.

It has successfully established a powerful social media presence and has shifted most of its marketing efforts to a D2C model. Without having any intermediaries in between, Target is now able to take a headlong dive in selling to its customers more efficiently. Their social media page is very active, allowing users to actively engage with the Brand and even purchase products directly from social channels. The company that started its digital transformation back in 2006 has seen a stock value rise up the charts and today. Target Corporation stands at a net worth of stupendous $62 billion.

How Porsche Took a Step Up with a Simple App to Control Everything


If you are a fan of fast, luxurious cars, then no car company does the job better than Porsche. However, Porsche has now taken a step ahead by extending its digital transformation efforts. The car manufacturing company has recently introduced a prototype called Car Connect. It’s an app that allows the owner of the Porsche vehicle to do just about everything while driving. You can easily navigate to your desired destination, learn about traffic flow on the roads, read the news, change music, get safety notifications, check vehicle status, locate the car, and even get valet alerts.

It simply fits the entire car care experience in a single mobile app.

To make the experience better for their customers. They also assigned separate User IDs to its customers to collect information on their experiences & provide them with relevant feedback.

Best Buy Introduced a New Digital Perspective to Improve Delivery


When Amazon stepped in, there was hardly any other e-commerce store that could’ve imagined paralleling the online retail market giant, Amazon. When it reached the heights of its success, brands like Best Buy felt themselves secluded into a corner, wondering if they would ever make a comeback.

However, almost seven years ago, a new CEO transformed the perceptions of many working at Best Buy by introducing digital transformation. By simply turning one of the CD stores to deliver a better customer experience. Best Buy utilized the power of technology to improve delivery times and provide customer assistance. In this way, it allowed customers to get the most out of their products.

Not only that, but it also improved its digital marketing practices with Snail Mail. Best Buy’s adoption of Snail Mail for digital marketing enabled the firm to provide more robust support to its customers. Side-by-side support, Best Buy also gathered data on customers and used it to design its future marketing campaigns. Before you know it, they were right on track toward their success in no time.

How DHL Digitally Transformed Supply Chain with Smart Glasses


If there’s one thing where DHL can take pride in, it’s the level of automation the company has introduced at stock management and supply chain. Previously, the company greatly relied on pen and paper, manual scanners, and other traditional methods to make sure everything within the department ran smoothly. However, when organizations like Ricoh and Ubimax came forward with the wonderful idea to create smart glasses, things dramatically changed in the inventory and supply chain department. DHL has successfully managed to automate a large area of its traditional record-keeping.

Employees can now deliver information, read bar codes, and streamline pick-ups and drop-offs, all using a single, smart glass. Plus, the chances of errors have been greatly minimized, giving quite an experience.

In Conclusion

Here are a few examples of how some businesses have adopted digital transformation to make their business processes more streamlined. Strategic investments and leveraging the power of technology. Digital transformation has allowed many businesses to pull their ships out of the storm and settle themselves in calm waters. Are you one such business seeking transformation? Get in touch with our strategists and let us help you understand how you can also undergo such a transformation.

Ashad Rehman

Ashad is a Senior Content Producer at Branex Marketing, an experienced writer in the field of web design & digital marketing.