How Can Beauty Brands Leverage Instagram to Sell Their Products – Highlighting 5 Creative Examples

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Indubitably, Instagram is a great tool for brands running the gamut of all sizes and natures, empowering businesses with an incredible opportunity to engage with their followers on an entirely new level. Beauty and fashion brands in particular are making the most of this amazing social media network and capitalizing on breathtaking imagery and creative videos to capture the attention of their audience in order to expand their communities.

According to a Social Bakers’ study, the beauty and cosmetic industry has now become the most influential industry, ranking third among the top five industries trending on Instagram. Instagram has unique and incredible built-in features and design aesthetics that require brands to come up with a stellar custom content strategy to guarantee burgeoning success. This is why more and more beauty and fashion brands are seeking out innovative and organic ways of promoting their posts, engaging with their customers and selling their products more authentically.

Today’s Gen Z shoppers are more digitally-savvy and prefer to buy products they see on social media channels instead of perusing through brick-and-mortar store after store. A survey  suggests that more than 75% of users made fashion, beauty or style-related purchases, right after viewing products on Instagram. This is why an ever escalating number of brands are using Instagram to promote their brand. According to Statista, 96% of beauty and cosmetics brands are using the platform to connect with consumers and market their products.

If you are thinking of using Instagram to endorse your products, here are a few effective tips you can learn from some of the most famous fashion and beauty brands on Instagram right now.

  1. Gucci

If you scrutinize different Instagram  accounts of fashion brands, you will find a striking similarity – they are all loaded with product images and editorial photos. However, the fashion brand Gucci always projects feelings of elitism and luxury by leveraging a highly-authentic and appealing Instagram strategy which makes it stand out among competitors. The brand uses illustrations which take stories related to a product or other product ranges to unprecedented heights.

Gucci never points its users towards direct purchases. Therefore, it is one of the less shoppable brands in the list. The combination of aesthetically appealing visuals and storytelling makes the brand a memorable and unique one.

  1. Mac

The world’s famous high-end beauty and cosmetics brand Mac is taking the maximum advantage of this amazing social media platform. Mac promotes its products by encouraging makeup artists, beauty bloggers and vloggers around the world to promote their branded hashtags such as #MyArtistCommunity and #MACArtistChallenge.

The brand is known for its bright looks, glittery eyes and bold lips, and it flaunts that through its eye-striking Instagram posts. Their flamboyant and attention-grabbing products make the brand stand out in the user feeds, and immediately allure the eye and draw huge interest from users.

  1. Too Faced Cosmetics

Too Faced is one of the most famous beauty brands that is known for its smart work with influencers and beauty bloggers. By collaborating with smaller, lesser known influencers and local vloggers, the brand depicts its authentic and humble side to its followers, as opposed to other beauty and cosmetic brands.

By reposting and promoting the works of beauty bloggers, makeup artists and other aficionados, the brand gained a significant boost in customer engagement. It encourages enthusiasts and bloggers to submit their works in the hopes of garnering maximum exposure on Instagram. This makes more and more fans tag the brand so that they can grasp the opportunity to get featured as well on the official Instagram page of Too Faced.

  1. Yves Saint Laurent

Yves Saint Laurent is a famous fashion brand that has devised an out-of-the-box Instagram strategy; one of leveraging videos in their feed to captivate and communicate their brand message across. By harnessing the power of videos, vibrant colors and stunning visuals, the beauty brand created an evocative impact on teens and young adults, to turn them into loyal brand fans while motivating them to take the desired action.

  1. Glossier

Glossier is a highly popular American cosmetics brand that is celebrated for its quality and easy-to-use skincare and beauty products. The brand uses a pastel color palette that has now become its trademark. The brand makes product announcements by using attractive makeup pictures and interacts with its community by creating interesting polls regarding the designs of their upcoming products and actively answering their concerns and questions.

Glossier uses a very smart strategy for Instagram marketing, they use their loyal fans as models to promote their products, using the hashtag #nofilterjustglossier which makes their promotion strategy that much more real and organic. They mainly focus on makeup tutorials to engage with followers and other fun posts that also give their Instagram marketing an organic feel and convince people to try their products.

Over to You

With visually alluring photography at its heart, Instagram is a great social media platform for many young demographics looking for luxury fashion, beauty and cosmetics inspiration. Since Instagram users prefer to take a desired action such as visit a website or make a purchase decision after seeing an Instagram post, it is undeniably a lucrative opportunity for brands to tap into the power of Instagram to earn the trust and love of their fans and boost sales along the way.

Macy Lambert