How to Increase Your Organic Reach with App Store Optimization?

app store optimization

Try to Envisage Apps as products in a supermarket. There is fierce competition between two things: shelf space and consumer attention. In the digital store, however, there are no shelves. The discovery occurs with a bottleneck. How can consumers buy apps that don’t show up in the first place? Here is where app store optimization kicks in.

To get above the fold, smart owners focus their efforts on app store optimization. By optimizing keywords, icons, and other assets, the apps are being optimized to ensure that they secure a prominent spot in the app store. Staying visible in the app store takes a lot of dedication and challenging work.

This is why companies often get more downloads in one country and leave many opportunities on the table, untouched. Imagine if the company does work on app store optimization, how easily can they reach a global market?

However, before you go nuts by stuffing keywords in your app description or think up ways of getting your app highlighted in the app store, there are some app store optimization basics that you need to learn & master.

Previously it was assumed that long-tail keywords could hack the algorithm of Google. However, as algorithms evolved, it was clear that just using killer keywords was not enough.

What is App Store Optimization (ASO)?

app store optimization

App Store Optimization is also known by other names such as App Store Marketing and Mobile App SEO.

The core focus of App Store Optimization is to increase the ranks of the mobile application in the App Store and iTunes. The apps are created especially for Android, iPhone/iPad, and Windows phones.

Mostly, people focus on app store optimization to boost downloads, but the goals extend to include:

  • Increasing the brand
  • Enhancing the engagement of users.
  • Getting positive reviews and ratings.

If you still need some motivation to indulge in app store optimization, here’s some food for thought: In the year 2017 alone, there were 270 billion app downloads, a significant boost from 224.8 billion in 2016.

When you compare this to the decline in social media growth, you will be able to conclude that ASO should be your priority, regardless of the size of your business.

In-Store App Store Strategies

App Store Optimization Strategy

Research has revealed that iPhone apps generate 75% more income than Android ones. Unless you don’t know your math, this alone can be a good reason to opt for app store optimization.

While optimizing apps, here are a few pointers that you can leverage to make your app prominent in the app store:

App URL, name, and subtitle: You must ensure that the name and URL incorporate all the major keywords which are used to describe your app. It’s important to use keywords which reflect the thought process of each user. For instance, what keywords will the users type while searching for your app?

Ratings of the App: The app store focuses on mobile apps that have positive reviews and fresh ratings. Ensure that users who’ve used your app, review it for the next potential user.

App Store Optimization with tracker

App downloads: More downloads would bring your app in front of the radar. They would like to know more about your app. They will be curious as to why people are using your app, and they will do the same to follow the trend.

App Store keywords: Much research is required to keep the keywords fresh and match them to the queries of the users. However, when done regularly, it can raise the rank of your app.

Scrutinize the local culture

According to some experts, the concept of localization is nothing more than “wash, rinse, and repeat”. This basically boils down to the fact that for every geographical location, you need to plan a different strategy.

App Store Optimization for event

However, before you dive into the 12-foot pool, you must learn how to swim flawlessly in a small pool. There is an art of understanding the local dynamics of society. For instance, if you approach an app development agency in New York, you’ll see that the agency is less about money and more about value, while an app agency in Dubai focuses more on presentation than the actual usability of the app.

Paying meticulous attention to certain aspects of your app is necessary. For example, the color, images, and the user interface. Some colors are given more preference in some cultures.

Do your due diligence and use common sense!

A Specialized App is Easy to Optimize

A quick way to highlight your app in the app store is to develop a specialized app, such as a Calendar app or Google Maps. For instance, pick a famous publisher like ESPN and make a mobile app for them, or a radio app, or even a live video app.

However, if you’re going for one app, ensure that you put everything into it. Since it is a specialized app, it must offer some unique benefits. Take the Waze app as an example. It’s used for navigation, just like Google Maps, but what sets the Waze app apart is its updates from law enforcement activities, speed cameras, speed limits, and traffic accidents.

One Major Mistake that App Owners need to avoid

The biggest mistake that people make while doing app store optimization is not utilizing the website to bring traffic to the app page.

Create a separate landing page that will direct users to the app download section. Don’t treat your website as something separate. It is an integrated part of your marketing strategy. By using the website, you can drive users deeper into the sales funnel and engage them to buy/download your app from the App Store.

As we all know, the content in the app store is limited to app stores. So, using content from a landing page can leverage the app awareness and discovery of your mobile app. This can act as a traffic magnet and create app authority without spending any extra budget.

You’ve created an app which might be good for the local market, but it will take time to scale the app on a global level. But we all know that developing an app is only a good start; what lies ahead is much more challenging. Discovering the market and what will strike the chord is impossible to predict.

Start from simple app store optimization. Use the above strategies to maximize your gains and make the app popular among your target audience.

Oh, by the way, if you don’t have an app, we would love to develop one for you. Contact us!

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