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7 Tech Trends that Businesses Can’t Ignore in 2018

Regardless of whether you are a successful business owner or a first-time entrepreneur striving hard to take your business to unprecedented heights of success, it is vital to look forward to the recent tech developments and trends in order to stay competitive. Being a digital marketer, it is your primary responsibility to look for some innovative ways of using the most up-to-the-date technology trends to better communicate and connect with your target audience and provide a stellar customer experience.

Here are the top technology trends that are projected to make big waves. Businesses of all types and sizes should follow these new trends and technologies to address the demands of modern consumers and make improvements in their business processes. Read on to find out what 2018 has in store for the digital marketing industry:


Digital money, also known as cryptocurrency, gained massive popularity at the end of 2017 as it allows people to transfer their money in the most secure ways possible. Cryptocurrency is the next big thing and is expected to be one of the topmost trends to watch for in 2018.


Bitcoin is the most popular payment option many eCommerce websites, airline company websites, and other online stores are using these days. This trend is not going anywhere anytime soon, and will consistently mature to bring a massive change in the financial sector.  Entrepreneurs who are looking for a bright future should welcome it with open arms. Some major retailers are hopping on the cryptocurrency trend bandwagon and are planning to issue their own secure currency in 2018.

Artificial Intelligence

2018 is going to see artificial intelligence become smarter, more improved and personalized. Machine learning and artificial intelligence will penetrate further into our lives and incorporated into a more diverse range of applications. AI is expected to make an appearance on almost every new platform, app or digital device and more likely take on new and diversified roles.

Augmented Reality

The mobile game Pokémon Go is one of the most remarkable digital developments in 2016 that has taken the world by storm and made many brands take notice and invest hugely in augmented reality entertainment. With the advent of augmented reality glasses, brands are now able to offer a more personalized shopping experience as well. Brands in the future will create more customized AR experiences that will allow a user to try a product without actually physically touching it.

Voice Assistants

Smart speakers, such as Amazon Echo and Google Home, exploded in popularity in 2017 and they are only going to gain more traction in 2018. As people have gotten used to talking to smart voice assistants because digital assistants will help users perform their daily tasks in a more hassle-free manner, we can expect to see more brands experiment with this burgeoning development.

UI Advancements

The advent of smart speakers and better voice search option has eliminated the need to look at a screen to input data and rely on your fingers and thumbs in order to perform everyday tasks. 2018 is going to be a major year for UI, and brands are looking forward to focusing on creating digital devices that don’t need much physical interaction in order to perform the action. Diverse and interactive visuals with more audible clues will possibly be included in the next generation UI. Modern-day consumers will have no qualms adapting to them quickly to effortlessly perform their tasks.

Edge Computing

We have all gotten used to the word“cloud computing” as it has the ability to transfer large amounts of data, but edge computing packs a greater potential for a seamless user experience. However, cloud computing will be heavily used in 2018, as the emergence of a barrage of IoT device would require larger streams of data transfer in order to operate.This is bound to render cloud computing rather inadequate and slow, hindering the speed and user experience. However, the enhanced bandwidth for edge computing will allow Internet of Things to grow more effectively with its amazing ability to quickly transfer data without sucking up all available bandwidth, thus improving the user experience.

5G Internet Connection

5G internet connection is10x faster than 4G, making it even better than most available internet services. In 2018, telecom companies, engineers and developers will start getting their feet wet with5G – the ultra-high-speed internet connection, in order to explore how reliable and fast wireless connections will help digital assistants, driverless cars, and remote healthcare devices perform their functions. By the end of 2019, it is expected that we would have a 5G network to stream content and smart apps.


In 2018, more and more companies are expected to invest in developing their own consumer-facing chatbots in order to communicate with their customers and provide excellent customer service. These advanced bots rely on artificial intelligence to provide interactive and highly-personalized user experiences. Brands across every industry such as restaurant, travel, real estate and eCommerce are planning to develop custom bots in 2018 for better customer support, to improve their sales performance and increase their marketing ROI.

The immense integration of technology into our everyday lives has made it necessary for brands of all types and sizes to stay aware of all the latest tech trends in order to address the demands of consumers and stay ahead of the curve in the crowded market.

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