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6 Low-cost Business Ideas that you can steal without being caught

Many people dream of starting a business, but most people suffer from lack of funding and their idea gets buried away. But what if we share some ideas worth following. These simple ideas look ordinary but when executed with passion every single idea can turn into a billion-dollar venture.

  1. Be a Personal Shopper

Do you get thrilled when you buy gifts for your friends? If yes, this can be a perfect gift idea for you. Your clientele can range from wealthy business people to super-busy people who want but don’t have time to buy gifts. These executives, partners, investors value their time money than money which is why they don’t have time to visit a shop or even take out time to buy a gif online. But, if they know that there is someone who can buy the gift on their behalf, they will happily pay you and get the job done. If you don’t have any clue where to start, here is a good resource that will get you started. Start Your Own Personal Concierge Service 

2) A Party planner for kids

A million dollar business idea which you can start with less than $2,000. If you have the tenacity and patience to control a room full of kids, Americans are happy to spend $3,000 on you. There are two methods in which you can set up this business. First, you can throw the party by using an app and invite people at client’s location. Second, you can rent a space or reserve a park to get started.

Don’t think too much. Develop an app & start earning.

If you need advice do read Start your own Kid-Focused Business and educate yourself with the ins and outs on how to levitate your business off the ground. It’s not just about throwing a party, it is about leaving a mark for yourself.

3) Bake it to Earn it

They say if you want to earn the respect of a man, one path leads through the stomach. Cook good food and people will fall in love with it and they will be happy to pay for it. If you own an oven and have an internet connection, you can start baking and earning from home. You just need a kitchen to start your business. Or you can rent a commercial kitchen if you’re planning to put all your eggs in the same basket. But for the start, I would suggest that initiate the business in your kitchen. The good news is that the ingredient cost is just 15-20% which means you can start the business with some decent dough.

4) Show-off your Copywriting Skills

If you’re good with words, there’s a lot more than you can do than entertain your friends or wasting those precious words on social media and texts. You can make some good money out of these words. Here is an excellent guide which can help you start copywriting even if you don’t have any prior experience to writing.

For now, you can start with this. Reach out to your nearest store, grab a bag of chips and read what is written at the back. Can you make it better? If you have a friend, ask him for a free assignment. Whether it is a free slogan, an email, a website copy. Go for internship opportunities and start improving your craft. It’s okay to take pennies on the dollars in the start, the point is to initiate the process. You can earn a lot of money later.

5) Be a Vintage Clothes Dealer

It takes a plethora of guts to switch houses. But what about flipping vintage clothes? You don’t need an overabundance of money to get the business running. Take some time out on the weekends. Go to second-hand stores and flea markets. You’ll find gems of luxury clothes there. With a little stain removing and sewing skills, you will be able to earn a decent amount of money by these vintage treasures. Regardless of your financial situation, you can start this vintage from your own room. Make your home a shop or if you want to sell clothes online, make a small website and start selling online.

Attract & Convert More Leads with a world-class website.

6) A Social Media Consultant

Small businesses might bake good cakes. They can even write good captions or take pictures. But when it comes to reaching more people it is not everyone’s piece of the pie. Pick The Art of Social Media by Robert Kawasaki or start following Gary V.  When you gather enough knowledge start applying the knowledge and monitor the results. Build an amazing following and help the brands reach more people.

When you get the word of mouth out there in the market, you’ll be able to pitch restaurant owners, small business owners, and startups. You can even start free courses to gain more reach and you can also opt for paid courses.

To wrap it all up

There are thousand and one business ideas out there. But if you don’t start executing things how will you know what ideas are worth improving. Try out these 6 ideas and see which one suits you best.

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A Caffeine dependent non-mainstream person trying to elevate small talk to medium talk. I know I will win, not immediately but definitely. I do most of the talking in my head. However, for other things, I prefer writing blogs.

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