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10 Signs that you’re a born Entrepreneur but don’t know it yet

When he was a toddler, he used to take a screwdriver and break apart his crib. Because he felt uncomfortable while sleeping on that crib. He was faced with a problem and so he devised a solution for it.

At the ages between 4 – 16, he spends most of his time with his grandparents’ ranch in Texas. Repairing the windmills with a limited set of tools available at that time. As a kid, he was fascinated with space. Which later turned into a space company called Blue Origin. Some people might label him as a lucky guy, but with a net worth of $160 billion, Jeff Bezos showed an early sign of brilliance right from his childhood.

“My mom thought that the best-suited job for me was to lay carpets because she was really concerned about my future. But I was a side hustler right from my childhood.” ~Mark Cuban

When all the kids were busy playing on the ground, Mark was busy completing the rarest of stamps and organizing them. Since the stamps were unique so Mark was able to charge anything, and kids paid for it.

If you talk to successful Entrepreneurs they will tell you that success comes from their blood, sweat, and tears. And maybe some good luck. There is no formal education for Entrepreneurship that can guarantee success. But surely if you show some early signs of being an Entrepreneur, you just need to polish those skills.

Here are 10 signs which will mark you as a genuine Entrepreneur and you must work a little to highlight those skills and understand you better.

  1. You are a Risk taker

Most humans love to stay in the comfort zone. Risk starts when people move from the comfort zone to the unpredictable area. Where there is no one-way to succeed. People who love to take risk are true Entrepreneurs.

Taking the risk when you don’t know that if the paycheck will come or not is the true sole of Entrepreneurship.

For Entrepreneurs, every opportunity is a risk. They see it as a challenge to work out on Plan B when failure is guaranteed.

They might not have a safety net at the place, but when things go south, real Entrepreneurs learn how to handle a situation without any map.

2) Sheer confidence

In the start of his career, he applied for a police job. There were 5 people who applied. 4 of them passed and he failed. He then applied in KFC. There were 26 people. 24 of the people job the job and again he failed to get the job. He made a business plan and showed it to his family. None of the family members supported the plan. But Jack Ma created Alibaba and succeed because he believed himself.

Confidence isn’t learned. It’s by birth. If you’re born with it, you can be a good Entrepreneur. As an Entrepreneur, if you have confidence in your ability and skill, go launch your business. The successful Entrepreneurs have this high level of confidence in them. The positivity which makes them see the glass half full in every situation.

3) You find a quick solution to a problem

As mentioned earlier when Jeff Bezos worked in his grandparent’s farm there were no tools to do the right job. At that time Jeff started figuring out things on his own. The ability to find a quick solution to a problem is rare among common people.

People with an Entrepreneurial mindset focus on solutions rather than problems. If they face any problem, they try to devise a solution for it. Some of the Entrepreneurs ask themselves the difficult question. How can this problem be solved? They collaborate with website design & development agencies and mobile app development agencies to create a solution to the problem.

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4) You Hate 9-5 job

Most of the 9-5 job these days don’t allow employees to move forward with their ideas. They force the employees to keep a fixed mindset and follow whatever is working for the company.

The people with an Entrepreneurial mindset hate it when someone limits their creative thinking. The typical 9-5 job restricts employees, so they cannot work on new ideas. While Entrepreneurs turn their ideas into their own venture. If you have this attitude to ignore the rules and innovate something new, pat yourself. You’re an Entrepreneur!

5) You can sell anything to anyone

Being an Entrepreneur is like being a brand yourself. And if you have this natural ability to sell yourself. You can succeed as an Entrepreneur.

You need to evolve your salesmanship skill so that you can sell your idea to anyone. From customers to investors, and people who are not willing to buy from you yet.

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If you don’t have this ability to sell your product, grab a book on sales and master the art of selling. Although you can start with a co-founder who is good at selling then you need to share the profit margin with them.

6) Being Persistent is the Ultimate Key

Talk to any successful Entrepreneur and they will brag about being consistent.

Every successful Entrepreneur at some point of time felt like quitting and leaving the planet, but the genuine ones kept on going in the direction of their dreams. Some of the life challenges are more difficult than others. But Entrepreneurs are persistent. They don’t alienate themselves from failures. In fact, they move towards the storm and come out in one piece.

7) You feel unformattable with the Status Quo

While common people prefer to stick with a routine, Entrepreneurs aren’t happy with the status quo. They want to make things better with their inventions and ideas.

When Richard Brandon was traveling to Puerto Rico with his wife, the flight got canceled. Instead of complaining about the airline, he picked up his phone, chartered a private plane and gathered passengers to fly with a cost of $39 per passenger.

As an Entrepreneur, you find ways to improve the process workflow. This can be a technology industry or any other industry.

If you see everyday things and feel eager to fix them, you have the right spirit.

8) You Build Solution as a Hobby

Entrepreneurs love building things. These things are mostly solutions to real-life problems. It starts with a hobby and scale to influence and improve the lives of people around them.

This solution can be in the form of anything. Either a website, an app or a digital marketing service that is aimed to generate traffic and increase leads for a brand.

9) You See Opportunity Everywhere

There is this old story. An international brand sent two salespeople to the same village and asked them about the opportunity that resides in the village.

The brand was selling shoes. The first salesperson responded. ‘There is no point in going in that village, no one wears shoes there.’ And the second sales person responded, ‘No one is wearing shoes in the village. There is unlimited opportunity for us.’

Entrepreneurs just don’t see life as positive, they see opportunity everywhere. This is what turns This is what moves strong business owners to create a business around it.

10) You’re Always Competing

Entrepreneurs are usually competitive. Not just other brands but their own selves. They use ideas, confidence, and persistence to generate ideas and compete with self and others.

This habit starts from childhood and never leave people thought-out their life. Even if there are businesses already in the market, true Entrepreneurs focus on improving their brand and work on their selves to improve daily.

To wrap it all up

Owning a company won’t guarantee you love your job all the time, but it will increase overall satisfaction and morale. While most people could start a business at any time, it’s those with passion and a will to succeed that make things happen.

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